Episode 1684 Talkback - DC in D.C. 2018, or: Mr. Pants Goes to Washington

Wave the flag and write your congressman, because Pants is back from a sabbatical in the U.S. capital! Hear about his appointment to view a national treasure of comics fandom at the Library of Congress, and the good times he had at the first-of-its-kind, free-to-the-public, comics-and-culture promo event known as 'DC in D.C. 2018'! Includes full-length fireside chats with a few of our favorite writers, Tom King and the Benson Sisters! (1:17:16)

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  • Hi everyone,
    I am the Adam who submitted the Muddle the Murd questions used in Episode 1384.

    I feel bad, I didn't think the questions would cause this much trouble. I didn’t set out to violate the spirit of the game. I could tell the geeks weren't happy with my questions based on the tone of their voices. I normally don’t participate in these events, but I remember the geeks asking for more questions that could potentially stump Murd because he was on a winning streak several months ago due to his mastery at remembering names and events. I thought I would put his skills to the test based on some of the comics I had read that month. I never imagined I would actually muddle the Murd. Sorry for the trouble!

    I hope I don't have to revoke my status in the Society of Super Adams.

  • I hope I don't have to revoke my status in the Society of Super Adams.

    Revoke your status? I think you deserve a promotion. I thought it was kind of funny.

    And, for what it's worth, I think the NML is blowing smoke. I don't think they're really going to open an investigation. :-)

  • Pants, you outdid yourself with this episode! Tom King is soooo funny! And the Benson sisters are so thoughtful and humble! Thanks for two terrific interviews!
  • Agreed, it was nice to hear Tom King and the Benson sisters on the podcast again!
  • chrislchrisl Posts: 66
    Great conversations with Tom and the Benson sisters, Pants.
  • Fear not, fellow Adam, your position in the Society is secure, and you will receive credit (and the promised prize!) for your Muddle. Only next time, maybe don't dig quite so deep for your Muddle material, eh? I'm certainly not averse to being asked some harder questions--in fact, I encourage it--but coming up with the names of one-off characters from throwaway stories in half-century-old horror anthology series is really too much to ask of anyone; I'm not sure the people who WROTE those old stories could have answered your questions! (The one about the adulterous yoga instructor from The Sentry wasn't too bad, but the other two? A bit beyond the pale.)

    - From the Desk of Adam Murdough, Commissioner of the NML

    That's great to hear. If I participate again, I'll be sure to make the questions from more recent comics. These questions just happened to be formulated from what I was reading at the time. I’m not a huge horror comic fan, I just happened to purchase a bundle to help out a children’s charity. Sorry again for the trouble! You’ll be happy to hear you won’t have to ship the prize very far as I’m located in Eastern Canada.
  • johnnyhateschachijohnnyhateschachi Posts: 32
    edited January 18
    Is anyone else picturing Pants as one of those Garfield cats people used to stick to car windows, except in this case he's stuck to the Mylar on those Ditko pages? Magniconte.
  • By the way, I'm currently unable to use the exclamation point because I spilled coffee all over my keyboard the other day. I'll just have to hope the mention of his name is exciting enough.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 481
    edited January 31
    Wait--What? ( @Pants ) The Pants DOESN'T drink coffee? Why would that be? Trying to stay away from "drugs?" Allergy? Just doesn't like the taste? Anyway, I too, stayed away from coffee for the most part until I reached 40. After that, I needed the wake-me-up on the weekdays.// Well, good episode! Like Chris and the others, I'm quite envious of Pants for the week that was. Not only does he get to see the Ditko pages, but also to see Jim Lee, the Black Lightning screening, get invited to the front of the line by Tom King (I think I would've been "that guy!") AND gets to see the Benson sisters. Wow... PLUS, we get bonus Pants-On-The-Floor (sort of) materials. Great interviews, Brian! Oh yeah, just to add my two cents: that was indeed a rough Muddle-the-Murd.
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