Murd's Time Bubble: The Thirtieth Time Talkback

An(other) all-different Doom Patrol! The 'Last Laugh' for the DC Universe! And a couple of minor Marvel masterpieces from the late Bronze Age! The Time Bubble gangplank is descending--All Aboard! (1:57:10)

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  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 5,735
    Arcudi is definitely underrated. His long run on B.P.R.D. added tons of depth and new characters to the Mignola-verse of Hellboy, and his Rumble series from Image, originally drawn by the fantastic James Harren and now drawn by the even more fantastic David Rubín, is a whole lot of monster-fightin’ fun.

    As for his Doom Patrol, I don’t think it was his best work by any stretch, but it was a fun series for the time. Although, to be honest, I remember very little about it now. I’m not even sure I stuck around all the way to the end of the series or not. I too liked Huat’s artwork for the most part, and it certainly fit the tone of the series. And I also liked this early, more kinetic style more than a lot of his later work.

    Thanks for the Comic Book Fever plug! Nice that you were able to tie in not one, but two entries in the episode.

    For the record, Rick Burchett pronounces his name with the accent on the second syllable. I didn’t buy in on Last Laugh, despite the artistic talent involved. Sounds like I made the right choice. I did get the Harley Quinn tie-in, since I was getting the book anyway, and I was quite happy the Joker was kept at a distance.
  • BryanBryan Posts: 39
    Haven't finished the episode yet, but I just had to say:

    Yes, someone else who enjoyed Major Bummer! I knew I couldn't be the only one.

    Add it to the list of things I should go back and read again someday...
  • Evening639Evening639 Posts: 368
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    Bryan said:

    Haven't finished the episode yet, but I just had to say:

    Yes, someone else who enjoyed Major Bummer! I knew I couldn't be the only one.

    Add it to the list of things I should go back and read again someday...

    I had that same thought when listening to the episode! I discovered a handful of issues of that series in quarter bins at my LCS a few years ago and have been trying to complete it ever since. After looking it up, I was surprised to see it was even traded by Dark Horse in 2011.

    I miss the days when DC published the most random, barely canonical series imaginable. Anybody out there remember Caper?
  • mbatzmbatz Posts: 62
    great episode as usual Murd .. thanks a bunch
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 533
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    @Adam_Murdough I for one prefer the original "Francis, Brother of the Universe" over the Age of Apocrypha version. Too grim for my taste; not sure why they needed to give him an eyepatch and a stub arm.

    And don't get me started on Ultimate Francis or All-New All-Different Francis...

    I'm other news, I had no idea there was a Chase story in that Last Laugh Secret Files and Origins! I may need to track that down...
  • rabbigeekrabbigeek Posts: 4
    I do have one comment re: the technical side of this episode:

    There is a high-pitched whine in the background. Like a very low volume siren. It’s throughout the episode. I have experienced this issue while recording myself, but I can’t remember what caused mine.

    It may be unavoidable, but if something could be done, it would be appreciated. It sometimes is at least distracting, and at worst annoying.
  • ChrisMurrinChrisMurrin Posts: 141
    Nicely done, as always.
  • BionicDaveBionicDave Posts: 350
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    Am late to the party, I know, life got hectic... but I finally wrapped my ears around TIME BUBBLE XXX, and (like all previous voyages) I loved it! This episode also gave me a couple of shoutouts which piqued and humbled me, so I bring tardy thanks for that too, @Adam_Murdough :] Or should we just call you...

    Don Pardo?? Your impersonation was stellar. I truly believe you became Don Pardo in those six seconds. I have so many Father Guido questions for you. During your summary of that kooky SNL/Marvel Team-Up, you also totally got me cracking open my own copy of Comic Book Fever (which I keep on my coffee table) to review what it said about the Marvel Team-Up title, in general. So additional thanks to @nweathington for that!

    When it comes to the Joker's Last Laugh crossover, I agree: it was unneeded, was really pushing it by then, after Our Worlds At War. I remember taking one look at that first issue and thinking "ah, they're just gonna spread Joker jam all over the entire loaf of DCU. No thanks." (And in those days, my "no thanks" meant I'd buy merely 3/4 of the event :joy:) That crossover actually prompted me to take a DEEP dive into back issues of Chuck Dixon's Nightwing run, because by then, I was so hungry for a long, insular title... an anti-crossover experience. So I guess I've got to tip my hat to Joker's Last Laugh for moving me into that wonderful direction.

    Until MTB 31 drops... and I promise to listen faster this time... I remain faithfully yours,

  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    I finally got around to the 30th time. And for the first time, I haven't read ANY of the comics Murd went over. So, without any vested interest, I was a little let down, but I still enjoyed the episode. And as Bionic Dave mentioned above, that Don Pardo impression was great!
  • VertighostVertighost Posts: 35
    Rabbigeek, I couldn't agree more. I don't just find Murd's ability to relate stories to us second-to-none (he somehow manages to add important details and slight tangents in the most organic ways; unlike most people describing a story, Murd is never glib and never seems to lose the thread or track of what he should say first.)

    I also find his voice soothing in the same way I do Bob Ross.

    He's also the bargain bin's best friend as, like you, I have tried several forgotten comics I never would have gone near but for his description of the tale inside.

    My only complaint: they're too short and they need to happen much more often!
  • rabbigeekrabbigeek Posts: 4
    Vertighost; I totally agree back atchoo...
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