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An alternate origin for Carnage

Hello all! I am a noob that has only a cursory knowledge of comics. My 8 year old son started with comics in the form of newer TV versions: The Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., etc.. He is very imaginative and loves listening to CGS excerpts and looking up information on his topic du jour online. He asked to post his idea for a Carnage origin story. Here you go!

Thanos had defeated all the multi-verse’s heroes, so there was only one group of sentient beings powerful enough to save the world: VILLANS. Venom and Dr. Doom loved torturing people, but they knew that they couldn’t if they were the ones being tortured, therefore, they helped. Dr. Doom combined technology, black magic, and symbiotic material (a piece of Venom) to create: CARNAGE the second Venom. The Government then created Anti-Venom to destroy Carnage if he went out of control, which, thankfully, he didn’t. Eventually Thanos used the Space Stone to teleport to NYC to locate and destroy his only threat: Carnage. Thanos found Carnage; or rather Carnage found Thanos. When Carnage saw Thanos, He knew what to do - Fight. The end result: many people heard the sound of the Infinity Gauntlet hitting the city streets. And then, everyone heard a strange sound, the sound of Carnage absorbing the infinity gauntlet. Carnage continued to fight for good, the only thing he did that was even close to being bad was going on rampages (which are often viewed in shows and movies), like Hulk, and helped the Guardians of the Galaxy protect Earth before the Avengers even have to be involved. Carnage wasn’t just the second Venom, he was the good Venom.
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