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DCUniverse's Titans: NO spoilers

I have seen the first four episodes, but will refrain from spoilers. I just have to say I think the show is phenomenal. Best superhero show I've ever seen based on the first four episodes and I've seen a lot of superhero tv shows. I am very glad Geoff Johns is involved in the writing here (his episode 4 featuring other classic characters was a joy - something I never imagined seeing, fans are living in a true golden age) since he knows the characters well and you can always see him trying to stick to the comics often. (The effort put in to letting the characters look the way they look in the comics is startling in some instances because it's so "unrealistic" and rare in movies and tv- why would anyone wear a brightly colored costume to fight crime in real life?) IMO Geoff Johns and his fellow creators are also writing in a more "mature" (I'll explain what I mean by that) way he hasn't before.

FIrst the positives: I don't think anyone would deny that the show is thoroughly unpredictable in terms of plot which is refreshing IMO. And the writing is more "mature" IMO because the characters are more realistically drawn than most of the shows on the CW AND on Netflix because you get the sense that they (well one in particular) are actually flawed characters.

And when I say flawed I don't mean that in a comic book sense. Most of the heroes on the CW and Netflix are not flawed. Not being able to be there to support a friend in a time of crisis because you are busy fighting crime is actually not a flaw. When I say flawed, I mean that in the realistic sense where these characters (again, one in particular) occasionally have a serious ethical lapse and actually do the wrong thing. The character I am thinking of actually does something I would not do, but it's entirely believable for the character as presented here (and given the backstory from the comics actually). I would also say the show is more "mature" because it's just a darker approach in general. Yes, there's some foul language (again, more in line with how most people actually talk when they're angry or frustrated), but it's also kind of more "horror"-ry which again, makes sense for what is going on. Wolfman and Perez' original New Teen Titans (probably my favorite comics run of all time) was also more "horror"-ry when it was appropriate.

The show is also paced FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than all of the Netflix shows IMO. There is ALOT of plot and "world building" going on here and at least in these 4 episodes my interest never flagged.

For people who want to discuss the show with spoilers Mphil has started a great thread. I just wanted to be able to recommend this to everyone. Do a trial offer if you have to or wait until all the episodes of Titans are up and the second show is on (Swamp Thing or Doom Patrol I think) so you can sample those too, but everyone should at least give Titans a try. Fans who don't like darker material or want the characters to be as unfailingly noble as they are in the comics may bristle at a couple of things but I doubt they'll be bored and wont' find some really fun stuff in here. Even if the rest of the show tanks completely I can say I certainly loved the first 4 eps.

PS: for those who saw the trailer and felt that Robin's "F Batman" was unnecessary. Agreed. But I still loved the show.


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