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Episode 1726 Talkback - Introducing! Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Captain Marvel

Oh Captains! our Captains! This episode is fun! Fuel your excitement for the Captain Marvel movie by learning a little more about how three inheritors of the mantle of Mar-Vell first ascended to the official rank of 'Captain,' as seen in three key Marvel back issues: Monica Rambeau (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16), Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel [1995] #1), and the woman of the hour, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel [2012] #1)! Company Salute!! (And no 'Shazam' jokes, please; it's been done!) (1:39:43)

Listen here.


  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,196
    edited March 8
    Re: the design of Monica Rambeau, JR Jr. designed the character with Pam Grier in mind. The editors sent him photos of a model (he couldn't remember her name—my guess would be Iman) they wanted to base her on, but John was a fan of Grier and pushed the design a little more towards her. As for her look in the issue, Jr. was still doing breakdowns at that point—fairly tight pencils, but with no blacks indicated—so it was expected that Sr. would have a stronger approach when inking the book.
  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,834
    Great episode, gentlemen. It was perfect for listening to on the way to the theater earlier today.

    Some quick thoughts--

    Regarding approaching the Steve and Carol conversation in terms of rank, rather than legacy: One of the things I always found a little funny about her taking on the Captain Marvel mantle, is that it was actually a demotion! At the time, she was a (retired?) Air Force Colonel. which would put her a full three ranks above a Captain.

    I mean, "Captain" is a definite promotion over "Ms.", and overall I think the name change/ adoption of the mantle was a good one. But I can see where Cap would approach that conversation in terms of legacy rather than rank, as nitpickers such as myself would have a field day of it if a scene between two characters that had served didn't know that difference. (And I assume that DeConnick knew that, too.) So seeing it as taking on Mar-Vell's mantle was probably the way to go.

    I also love that Adam mentioned Henson when it came to eye placement. That was what immediately came to my mind, too. As I know from my reading on him that he took great care (and often was the final authority) on that detail for Muppet/Sesame Street characters. Definitely makes a difference.

    Great show all around.
  • SharkJumperSharkJumper Posts: 58
    I'm about 2/3 of the way through and love the rant on 90s comics. They fill the dollar bin at my local shop and they will even sell them at $4 a pound. Not a fan of the bad 90s stuff and really not a fan of the early Image books either.

    That being said, I'd love to see you guys tackle an episode covering the BEST of the 90s. Between all the muck and foil that defined the era, there are some gems with the mentioned Waid/Garney Cap being one of them. I think it would have the makings of a fun if not informative episode if everyone picked their Top 5 90s comic runs. And certainly the same theme for the 80s, 70s, and 60s would be a blast too. How about it, gentlemen?
  • WashWash Posts: 1
    Hey. First time posting. Just listened to this episode and thought I’d be the douche that chimes in with a correction. Usually there is tons of research that goes into a typical Spotlight style episode and this particular episode isn’t as grand in scope as those tend to be.

    One thing stood out to me that I thought I would mention. During the “90s Comics suck” rant there was the mention of Herb Trempe’s change in artistic style and it being a Merry Marvel Mandate.

    There was an installment of Brian Cronin’s Cokic Legends Revealed back in 2009 (#195) there this fact was dispelled by Trimpe himself.

    Here’s a link to the article itself-

    “COMIC LEGEND: Herb Trimpe was "forced" during the 1990s by Marvel Comics to use an art style reminiscent of Rob Liefeld.

    STATUS: False”

    “Did Marvel "force" him to draw this way or was it his idea?

    I figured the best person to tell me would be Trimpe himself, so I dropped him a line and he gave me a wonderfully in-depth reply.

    I've been asked that question before, with some fans going so far as to feel sorry for the way Marvel made me change my style. Unfortunately, these were misdirected sympathies.

    Truth was, it was a lark--but a lark with a purpose, all devised by myself. No one at Marvel suggested I change the way I draw or ink. I looked at the new guys' stuff, and thought, hey, this is great. Very exciting. You can always learn from somebody else, no matter how long you've been doing a thing.

    I did, however, think the style might lead to new work at a time when Marvel was already in trouble, and it did. FF Unlimited was my last series at Marvel, and contrary to what a lot of fans think, I think it was the best work I'd done--and, I had a whole lot of fun doing it. Very expressive. I think the newer influences in comic book art brought out a better me. Like I said, most of the fans of the earlier stuff would not agree. On one occasion, I inked a whole story with a brush, which is what I was raised on, and the editor objected asking me not to do that anymore. But in general, no one pressured me into a change.”
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 598

    Thanks, @Wash! Now that you mentioned it, that edition of Legends Revealed does ring a bell. And welcome to the forums!!!

  • alienalalienal Posts: 505
    Don't know what to say about this episode except is was a good lead-up to the movie
    I'd never heard of that Genis-Vell issue, but I have both the Monica Amazing Spider-man Annual 16 and the Kelly Sue Capt. Marvel #1. As for the rant on the 90's, yeah sure there were some bad comics mostly due to people jumping in on the speculation. But I remember buying some good stuff. So, I second SharkJumper's proposal for a Top 5 Comics of the 90's.
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 598

    And I third it, @alienal! It's on the list!

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