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Episode 1729 Talkback - Comic Talk

Murd has traveled over the rainbow to Seattle (and Vancouver) for Emerald City Comic Con 2019, and in this episode he tells us what he found there. Also: the finalization of Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, among other news; the opening of some geeky Christmas presents, just a few months late; reading reviews; Muddle the Murd; and other glimmers of gold. (1:38:24)

Listen here.


  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 589

    I made sure to throw in some quick DC reviews near the end for @BionicDave ;)

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,130
    edited March 22
    The title you were looking for is Comic Book Creator #6 Presents Swampmen—Muck Monsters and their Makers. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but there it is.
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 589

    What a tongue twister of a title, @nweathington

  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    For question 2 I’m pretty sure I wrote “Loose Ends” as the title of Swamp Thing 20 but it may have been mangled in electronic transit.

    It’s an interesting issue and prelude to the Anatomy Lesson, and i believe it was omitted from most of the trade collections of Moore’s run on the title. An error which is corrected on the most recent hardback editions. Hopefully the absolute will do the same.

    I like the issue because it does exactly want it sets out to do, Moore’s writing is great and he lays some of the groundwork for storylines that only play out much later in the series. And the Dan Day (?) and JohnTotleben artwork is terrific.
    As is that issue of Comic Book Creator.
  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,130
    Caliban said:

    And the Dan Day (?) and JohnTotleben artwork is terrific.

    Dan Day being one of the two lesser-known brothers of Gene Day (see Master of Kung Fu) who also draw comics.
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 589

    The error was mine, not yours, @Caliban. My eyes wandered forward in the answer and it took me a moment to regain my bearings.

    Many thanks for the submission, sir. You always bring an enjoyable selection of Muddle attempts!

  • Adam_MurdoughAdam_Murdough Posts: 452

    Many thanks for the submission, sir. You always bring an enjoyable selection of Muddle attempts!

    Seconded! Thank you, Eamonn, for having a go at our game with grime-golem gumption! (And thanks again for the Xmas present--Morrison '87, a fine vintage!)
  • DARDAR Posts: 1,043

    Just a few observations:

    The Shazam movie has been screened for some critics. So far word of mouth has been pretty positive. Hopefully this good be another win for DC.

    I have signed up for Marvel Unlimited. It’s pretty great.

    No matter who is behind the mics this show continues to run like a well oiled machine. Great job by all
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    No problem. And there are three more volumes of Morrison to come.
  • matchkitJOHNmatchkitJOHN Posts: 1,030
    I remember when David Petersen was on CGS and they were talking about a Mouseguard movie and he and Bryan Deemer were talking about it being traditional animation or CGI and who knew motion-cap would end up being so widely used? And the Dean of Motion-Cap would be starring in it.
  • BionicDaveBionicDave Posts: 365
    edited April 1

    I made sure to throw in some quick DC reviews near the end for @BionicDave ;)

    Yes, after this episode opens with 11 minutes of you guys again trashing DC movies in your praise of the MCU, followed by a trashing of Vertigo, then even a trashing of DC's panels at Emerald City Comic-Con for God's sake lol, it was indeed lovely, near the end of this otherwise Marvel-centric episode, to get two whole minutes of Comic Talk about two current DC comics before quickly launching right back into Marvel Geek Speak and its Amazing Non-DC Friends. I give up. After a decade of being a loyal listener of all things CGS, I'm quitting Comic Talk and just sticking with Murd's Time Bubble and maybe Previews. I can find other comics podcasts which don't mind discussing DC books (which happen to be awesome right now; I'm sad you guys feel no excitement about them).
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 589
    edited April 1

    I am sorry you feel that way, @BionicDave. I actually agree with you wholeheartedly that DC is putting out some great stuff right now, but I am very behind in my reading just about across the board. I hope to catch up on at least Bendis' Superman over the next week or so and discuss that, along with Heroes in Crisis. And I just received a belated Christmas gift of Miracle Man by Tom King in trade, which is bound to be a glorious read.

    Point well taken on the DC movie front. I am not a fan of what came before the current crop of films, but since Wonder Woman, it's been a great improvement overall, and I can't wait to talk Shazam. I know not every episode of the show is for everyone, but just know that I take the criticism to heart, and appreciate your devotion to CGS over the years. As do we all!

  • alienalalienal Posts: 505
    I wouldn't say the geeks are "trashing" the DC product, they are just giving their honest, apologetic (especially in Shane's case) opinions and most of the buying public (in terms of both movies and comics) agree with them. I wouldn't even say that Murd had trashed a DC panel, just the title of the panel. Anyway, what I would say is that I enjoyed hearing that ECC summary, Murd. I haven't been since maybe 2012 and want to go again, but job search activities prohibited that this year. (I could've gone last year, but their online ticket sales system was found wanting) Oh, and I just heard on the Comic Book Page podcast that Pants was at C2E2, and hanging out with the Benson Sisters (of course, he was!) (heheh). Any chance that we'll get a recap of C2E2 from Pants on CGS especially since CBP already scooped on the fact that he was there?
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 589
    @alienal @Pants is still on extended sabbatical from what I understand, but he is welcome back any time he wants to wax poetic on his various convention adventures! And to make puns just as bad as mine. :D
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