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Shazam! (Spoilers-- seen it? Discuss it here!)

Given how popular the preview weekend was, and also those who might have gone to other advance screenings, I thought we might as well get the spoiler discussion thread started. Have at it!


  • Fade2BlackFade2Black Posts: 1,457
    My LCS hooked me up with a free, early studio screening back on March 18.
    Overall, I thought the movie was a mixed bag. I give it a B-.

    I enjoyed that Shazam had an '80s vibe, to it (Big, Adventures in Babysitting etc...).
    The movie was best when it was basically the same story we got in Big, but with a superpower twist. What didn't work for me was its lack of consistency. Tone-wise it got very dark and even a tad gruesome (the office scene). Kids said the word "shit" a lot, which is fine, for kids in real life say "shit" a lot. But I felt like it worked too hard to be a PG-13 movie, when the overall tone of the film didn't warrant it. Another thing that bugged me, probably more than any other, was the apathetic manner in which the kids at the school reacted to Freddy Freeman being bullied, not just verbally but physically too. Back in my grade-school & high school days, there were several students who were physically and/or mentally challenged. If anyone were to bully them the way Freddy Freeman was tormented, I can't think of a single student who wouldn't come to their aid. Maybe I'm drawing too much on my own personal experience, but that whole school dynamic didn't sit well with me.
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