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I've Lost All Respect for Geoff Johns

I buy ONE comic from DC, just ONE... and I haven't paid for that comic in what will be more than 3 months when it FINALLY arrives in September. I am a HUGE Shazam fan (I don't give a diddly do dah what they call him, although not being "Marvel" makes naming the others a little problematic) and I have been adamant about supporting this hero in a solo comic since I heard it was coming (multiples of years after it was given to us as a backup in Justice League of the New 52).

The FIRST ISSUE was late. There have been no less than two other issues late, with #7 being so far from when it was originally solicited, I cannot even fathom how DC thinks they can run a business like this.

Since Geoff Johns is the writer, and he's also responsible for the train wreck release schedule that is Doomsday Clock, I've simply lost all respect for the man. I don't think I'll ever buy another book with his name on it again because of this, I don't give a damn how good the writing is... he's letting everyone down, A LOT, and it's disgraceful to all the creators who CAN get their work done ON TIME.

If I only collect one comic, and Shazam is an option, I want to say that Shazam is that book. But I don't know if I can keep running into this over and over again.

I have purchased the Doomsday Clock issues (up to #6, when the release schedule started to get super tedious) and now I don't even care how the story ends up. I can't even remember how the story started 14 years ago, when issue #1 came out (sarcasm included free of charge).

Is anyone else fed up with delayed comics (DC, get it)?


  • SharkJumperSharkJumper Posts: 200
    Can you confirm it is Johns and not the artists?

    I've been buying but waiting to read Doomsday Clock. I've been tempted to just dive on in recently. Shazam! is one of the few other DC books I get too. So far, the delays have not gotten to me. But I think even the rest of DC's line up has moved on rather than wait on the repercussions from Doomsday Clock.
  • I'm proceeding with the fact that the only books running late are Johns books. Shazam has had more than 5 artists working on the title, so I don't even know if there is "an" artist to blame. There is barely connectivity between the issues.
  • mphilmphil Posts: 431
    "Lost all respect" is a bit harsh, imo, but I certainly do think he is trying to do too much and should probably just stop writing comics and let someone else take the lead.

    On a side note, I found the new take on Captain Marvel to be a tad boring so I dropped it anyways. We were in some sort of candy land for a while and there's a kid king or something? I don't understand, what does this have to do with Captain Marvel?

    It really feels like the writers at the top (Johns and Bendis in particular) feel a need to always do world building. Like, why is Superman in space for the past 6 months, Bendis? Superman is not about Krypton; that's not the point. He's an outsider who also grew up here. So write stories about that. We don't need Krypton's destruction being retconned for the thousandths time.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,372

    I’m not a Kent fan, but when I was reading DC, I’d see on the periphery what was going on with him in the books. Sometimes it seemed like whomever was writing him had an issue finding something interesting to do with the character. Either the storyline seemed like a rehash with the current writer’s spin or something new that didn’t sound interesting.

    As a Batman fan, since I stopped reading his books in September 2006, I have notice the same thing with him too.* Zero Year? A new villain that will forever change to character? A replacement? A death?

    *my limited knowledge of the books have come from the articles Google has provided me in my app.

  • Having Shazam pushed back another week, AGAIN, I'm not giving DC any more of my money. They just lost a fan.

    I've never found Superman interesting enough to buy his comics. I liked Smallville, but that was a "re-take" on the character and I enjoyed that. Otherwise, no Superman comic outside of "Death of" has got me to spend money on him.

    Batman's in the same boat for me... he's also in way too many books. When Wolverine in Marvel was in everything, I didn't like the character... then they moved on to Deadpool and I gained an appreciation for Wolverine, and you guessed it, I'm not a fan of Deadpool in the comics (the movies were dead funny). Super saturation with the characters just makes them less appealing.

    As of this moment I'm still on board for Avengers, Champions, Iron Heart, Aero, Immortal Hulk, Cyber Force, Ronin Island, and Transformers... everything else is "we'll see."
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