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A little help II

Continuing the previous post

The Satelite:

It looks more like this

Satelit Omega as a huge manned space station. In the modern/more plausible setting, should I make the satelite an unmanned satelite instead of a space station with ready-to-be-destroyed-alongside-the-ship crew?

The techs:

There are several technology displayed here that are staple for the era's sci-fi stories: laser beam and mind control device.

The mind control device

Here we see our superheroine being secured inside a glass tube with a hairdryer-like device being set on her head, which is actually a brainwashing device

I don't think putting someone unconscious in a standing position with her arms crossed plausible without a harness, so I decided to make it a CT scan like device where she's being put there in supine position. What do you think?

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