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Joker (Spoilers. Seen it? Discuss it here.)


  • not read if you haven’t seen the film...

    i thought it it was amazing. There were brief moments in the first half where i would begin to feel “oh this is getting too one note” but it always pulled away from that. I loved that the film touches on something most art forms never go near: how stereotyping “the rich” as a sort of undifferentiated group of morally bankrupt people is a practice that’s not only accepted but in many cases indulged in. But the film isn’t about that, its about mental illness (Joker’s and ostensibly society’s) and the movie somehow manages to pull off balancing a serious message about how mental illness is treated with the Joker’s view of insanity as being ultimately freeing.

    Its relentlessly dark and unsettling (even more so than Dark Knight bc Batman isn’t in it) and in some ways it reminded me of Kubrick. It’s rated R for good reason and this is the most Joker-y (as in disturbing) movie we’re ever going to get. Phoenix is almost certainly getting an Oscar nom. He’s just as great as Ledger. The score was also phenomenal.

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