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Episode 1756 Talkback - December 2019 Previews

When what to your wondering eyes should appear, but a Previews episode--our last of the year! We go through the December catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in February. (2:15:57)

Listen here.


  • Blackwood is more horror/fantasy than it is mystery, but the first series was pretty good. Not Dorkin’s best work, but that’s a pretty high bar, and Veronica Fish’s artwork in the book is outstanding.

    @wildpigcomics, Lady Killer is most definitely your kind of book. Between this and Blackwood, I think this would be more to your liking.
  • ChrisBeckettChrisBeckett Posts: 535
    edited December 2019
    @wildpigcomics, as well as everyone else -- regarding the never-ending issue of not enough money, space, or time for all the collections and graphic novels we would like to read, I can't help with the time thing, but if you are on a budget, as we all are, I would recommend you seek out your local library and ask about their Interlibrary Loan program. ILL departments should be able to get you anything you can find in WorldCat (the catalog encompassing libraries from all across the globe, They have access to it all, and it only costs you the price of a library card, which you probably already pay for through your local taxes. This is one of the departments in which I work here at the UMaine library, and it's been a godsend (to put a hyperbolic bow on this) for me.

  • I understand we're all getting older. We all have responsibilities we didn't have in the past. But now it's almost comical now that Chris can never last the entire Previews episodes. Always has to run before the show's over. Every time I think, 'Come on, I've got the two hours to listen, how can you not have the time to record?' But in the end, Chris has great insights. And glad the current crew is there continuing the legacy of the original one (funny all the old profiles are still on the website, but that's for another post).
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