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Episode 1762 Talkback - The CGS "Best of 2019" Awards Nominations Show

Adam_MurdoughAdam_Murdough Posts: 506
Now it can be told: the complete list of comics, characters, and creators deemed worthy of consideration for a 'Best of 2019' Award by the CGS electorate, Geeks and listeners alike! Listen carefully and get those voting muscles limbered up! (And don't miss the opening act: Ian and Murd's discussion of Dan DiDio's sudden departure from DC!) (3:01:04)

Listen here.


  • I will be curious how Jim Lee handles things now. I wasn't a fan of DiDio but my fear is, knowing the demands of corporate and the declining market, no one can do any better in the big chair.
  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,712
    edited February 2020
    Given how many DC executives have been let go by AT&T over the past year and a half, I doubt they’ll be in any rush to replace Didio. DC doesn’t really need two publishers.

    No, Donny Cates is not a professional artist, per se, though he did study art at SCAD before concentrating on writing, and he has drawn at least one variant cover for Marvel. That said, you can’t really classify him as a writer/artist.

    While I read a ton of comics, I’ve read very few of the final nominees. I think I’ll be able to get nine categories filled in (the technical categories and a couple others), but that might be pushing it. I’ll give it my best shot.

    Thanks as always for putting it together, @Adam_Murdough!
  • DmanDman Posts: 163
    I haven't finish listening to the episode but thoroughly enjoying it. I haven't read a lot of comics this year but read all of House/Powers of X and currently reading 4 of the 6 Dawn of X comics: X-Men, Marauders, New Mutants, and my favorite, X-Force. I felt joy whenever Ian brings up HoX/PoX. I think the last time I enjoyed the X-Men this much was, well, since Ian's favorite X-Man Jean Grey (wink) was alive. The Moira reveal BLEW ME AWAY. It was something that stayed on my mind for days.

    What I love most about these annual best of the year episodes is the reading recommendations. Adam is my Crisis guru so anything he recommends that Crisis related, I'm down for. I just downloaded Justice League 22 and look forward to checking it out.
  • JaceJace Posts: 3
    I am in the same boat as nweathington. Read a ton stuff this year obviously, but the nominees this year just didn't coincide with things I liked, Doesn't feel right to vote for something I dislike just to fulfill the 3/4 rule, but I will have to look more closely.

    Couple other things I wanted to mention regarding Break Through Talent

    Monstress didn't win any Eisner's this year, It won 5 in 2018, which was amazing but wasn't even nominated this last year. Chris is a year late to the party =) , but as he only recently read Monstress it makes sense .

    John Timms has been around since 2014 working pretty steadily, starting at Marvel where his most high profile gig was probably Attilan Rising with Charles Soule. After that is was A LOT of Harley Quinn for DC over the last 5 years before he was named as Patrick Gleason's replacement on YJ.

    As always Murd thanks a lot for all the efforts tallying up the votes. Still my favorite episode of the year.
  • I had trouble getting to 12 out of 16. Some just did not feel right getting a vote if I've never read them.
  • It was close, but I managed to get to 12.

    BEST NEW HERO or HERO TEAM (debut in 2019): Naomi

    BEST NEW VILLAIN or VILLAIN TEAM (debut in 2019):

    BEST NEW COMIC (first issue shipped in 2019): Legion of Superheroes, I guess

    BEST LIMITED SERIES (last issue shipped in 2019):


    BEST CLIFFHANGER/MOMENT: Uncle Sam in Freedom Fighters

    BEST STORYLINE (within a series or across multiple series): “Cruel Summer”, Criminal


    BEST ONGOING COMIC (need not have begun publication in 2019):

    BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM (OGN or COLLECTION): Criminal: Bad Weekend
    I’m a sucker for a story featuring a character named after Hal Foster and Roy Crane, and heavily based on my all-time favorite comic artist, Alex Toth (with some Austin Briggs and a healthy dose of fiction thrown in. The David Mandel cameo was funny too.

    BEST WRITER: Jonathan Hickman (for East of West)

    BEST ARTIST: Tradd Moore


    BEST COLOR ARTIST: Matt Wilson

    BEST LETTERER: Tom Orzechowski

    BREAKTHROUGH TALENT OF 2019: Daniel Warren Johnson
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