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Diamond Shutting Down Due to Coronavirus


  • The same.

    I'm going to try and focus on the Essential collections and take this time to read the building blocks of Marvel with their 60s work. Then maybe go back for a CGS episode covering that character.
  • BryanBryan Posts: 122
    edited March 27
    On the one hand, I know that cash flow from new books is a major part of a comics retailers business. On the other, perhaps not owing Diamond any more money in these times is a good thing. I guess it remains to be seen. My primary LCS isn’t putting out messaging that is too dire, but they are promoting trying something new.

    I just went though my to-read pile of current titles (this is not including older things, trades, etc, just current titles I’m reading I haven’t gotten to yet). 4 of the 6 are penultimate (pants!) issues in a mini-series. Going to be a long wait for the last ones.
  • ChrisMurrinChrisMurrin Posts: 175
    A couple of LCSs nearby have put out the word that they can still sell what's in stock by shipping, and they're asking customers to consider buying gift cards for use at a later date. So that's two ways they can have some income during this time, but it's a far cry from their usual business.

    I would love to hear Chris' perspective on this. In some areas, the idea of temporary rent forgiveness has been discussed. What is the overhead on a retail business besides rent, utilities, and paying employees?
  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,382
    All my LCS's are shut down as of tonight anyway, as all non-essential businesses in the tri-county area are closed by local government orders until April 15. I'm filing for unemployment first thing tomorrow.
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