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Episode 1782 Talkback - Spotlight on SHAZAM! in the Copper Age

Our Shazam Spotlight odyssey brings us to the tumultuous post-Crisis years (1986-93), when the original Captain Marvel struggled to find his footing in the dark deconstructionism of the revised DC Universe. We'll bear witness as the magic lightning forks, creating no fewer than TWO distinct and competing post-Crisis characterizations of the good Captain: the golly-gee-whizzing super-naif of Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire's Justice League (as related in a sidebar by CGS staff BWAH-HA-HA-logist Shane Kelly), and the more serious take of Roy and Dann Thomas. We'll meet Copper Age incarnations of classic villains Dr. Sivana, Black Adam, and Captain Nazi. And we'll note Cap's participation in DCU crossovers such as Legends, War of the Gods, and Eclipso. (2:40:01)

Gee Whiz, listen here!


  • Splendid work as always on these episodes!
  • Just finished this episode. Another great one, of course.

    I'm a huge Captain Marvel fan, and love both the in-house and "meta" history of the character.

    I was always saddened by the lack of Captain Marvel in this Copper Age. This certainly drove home the point that he was missed and very under-utilized in this age.

    I've been trying to track down info on the DC purchase of The Captain, and the related Charlton characters. I knew about the licensing deal, but I've never seen/heard anything definitive about the purchase happening. I always pegged it to just after Crisis, so thank you for nailing down a more solid date for me. Of course, that's some of the meta I'd love to know more about.
  • You say “Chromium Age”, I say “Shiny Age... Caw! Caw!”
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