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Episode 1784 - September 2020 Previews

Another month, another set of Previews! Shane, Chris, Murd and Ian go through issue 384 of the catalog, plus DC Connect #4 and the September 2020 Marvel Previews. What are we the podcasters, and you the listeners, looking forward to reading in two month's time? Listen in, one and all to find out! And flip the pages along with us if you like, it adds an extra layer of flavor. (2:06:47)

Listen here.


  • Gah! You've made my September order even bigger!

    I must offer my thanks to Adam. I nearly missed the Mxyzptlk appearance in Crime Fighting Cat until you mentioned it! That's the second time in recent memory that Adam has saved me from back-issue hunting, the other being the Mxyzptlk analog in Ludocrats #1.
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