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Episode 1786 Talkback - Micro-Spotlight on Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #121-131, Part 1

Continuing our latest trend, Chris Eberle champions yet another Micro-Spotlight on The Amazing Spider-Man. This time, we focus on issues 121-131, an arc that changed the comic book medium forever. But such important content could not be contained within one episode alone, so we'll be needing two! In this first part, the crew are joined once again by The Amazing Spider-Talk's Dan Gvozden to cover issues 121 to 126, including such memorable moments as the final fate of Gwen Stacy, The Green Goblin's (kinda) last stand, a guest appearance by the tiara and chains wearing Luke Cage, Harry Osborn's descent into madness, John Jameson's hairy alter-ego The Man Wolf, Johnny Storm helps Peter with some car trouble, and Spider-Man faces his greatest foe...The Kangaroo. Okay, that last one might be sarcasm. (1:49:36)

Listen here.

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