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Episode 1787 Talkback - Micro-Spotlight on Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #121-131, Part 2

Time to continue, and conclude, our latest in-depth discussion on some of the most important issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. Here, our attention lies with issues 127 through 131, including a two-part Vulture tale (just in time for Halloween), the first appearance of Marvel's mercenary marksman The Punisher, lots of stuff with The Jackal (for good and for bad), Harry Osborn's not so subtle descent into madness, Hammerhead giving a full detail job to the Spider-Mobile, Doctor Octopus attempting a shotgun wedding with Aunt May out of nowhere, Canadian nuclear islands that are inherited by the death of a relative, and a whole lot more. And we are lucky enough to have "Dapper" Dan Gvozden along for the ride in the Spider-Mobile with us once more, as we should. BRAKA BRAKA TRAKA CHOW! (1:33:01)

Listen here, you Spider-Menace!


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