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Chris Evans Returning to the MCU.

Well it seems like he might be coming back? Not sure in what capacity?

I like Sam, but I never understood why they couldn't just make Falcon awesome, instead of giving him this Captain America name crutch? It makes zero sense to me that a guy with no powers a guy who could barely get pass Crossbones in a fight is now all of a sudden going to be a badass fighter like Steve was?

IMO there should be no other Captain America other than Steve Rogers. I feel the same way about Superman and Batman. And if we don't get a Steve Rogers and Wolverine scene, then what is even the point of a MCU? LoL.


  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    I somewhat agree; though I’d say Captain America is more then just a badass fighter.

    I think IF Evans returns, it’ll be different then we are speculating. I’m still wondering if he even voices Steve Rogers in the What If...series.

    I could see Evans returning as an elder Rogers. It’s not too late to get him into Falcon & Winter Soldier. If Sam has to (figuratively) fight to be the new Cap, imagine seeing the original (though elder) appear before the government advising HE named his successor, not them.

    If not in that series, I could still see him returning, but only as the elder Steve. Evans like how the arc ended in Endgame, so I think only appearing in the advanced age doesn’t hinder that arc, and creates a new one.

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