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Scott Snyder's Justice League - Directors Cut (Spoilers)

I feel like this was a completely different movie then the previous one. I feel like I went to Earth 2 and saw their version of this movie. I think this version was a million times better. Was it perfect? No, scenes did drag on a little to long in some moments. But compared to the absolute shit movie we got in 2017, this one was great.

I like how they made Supermans death scream from BvS is the thing that triggered the Mother Boxes.

Cyborg was an actual character in this version. In the 2017 one, he was "Plot Device" the character. In this cut he had so much more to him. How in the world they cut almost all of his stuff from the first movie is insane. His dad's character played an important part as well, and he was completely cut from the other one.

Barry got to shine more in this one, the reversing time was cool. Diana's fight in the hostage standoff was awesome. The Amazons I feel like put up a much better fight. It felt like Steppenwolf wasn't this unstoppable God, that if he didn't leave all those Amazons could take him out. And also Mera draining the water out of his body was also really cool.

Superman in his Black Suit was cool, and I like the final fight so much more in this cut. And the ending when they kill Steppenwolf and send him back through the Boom Tube was much more satisfying then a bunch of Parademons swarming him.

Actually seeing Darkseid and him doing shit, after 2017 I never thought we'd actually get to see him in LA anytime soon. The only miss for me with him is I wish they would have gotten Micheal Ironside for the VO.

Freaking Martian Manhunter making a cameo out of nowhere. And it was that general guy the whole time?

There's no way this cut would have seen a theater regardless. But if this was close to the movie we got in 2017, I don't think the DC Movie Verse would be dead.


  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,451

    I'm only part way into it. Stopped shortly after the history lesson for the evening last night. Initial thoughts:

    1 - 4:3 aspect ratio is a really annoying and pretentious idea. If I had paid money for a theatrical screening, I'd have walked out and demanded a refund.

    2 - I honestly think that there was at least 10-15 minutes, just in that segment of the movie of self-indulgent art shots (long shots of water beading on Lois' umbrella, for instance) that make it feel fat and slowed it down.

    3 - Lots of extra effort on Steppenwolf but it feels like some of that could have been spent on some of the composite shots which felt off.

    4 - Seems apropos but still rolled my eyes at the EVS projected Green Lantern symbol. Birds of a feather, I guess.

    5 - Only one scene so far with Lex, but I still want to punch whoever made that casting decision.

    6 - It definitely expands the mythology, but I still don't think that Snyder actually gets the subject matter.

  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445
    edited March 21

    Eh, I think it had some interesting moments. Batman seemed more like Batman, though I still don’t like the casting. Still can’t get into Miller as Barry (huge drag on the film), I’m not a Cyborg-in-the-JL fan either. I think the movie is heavily bloated.

    I was baffled why Diana would zip through the terrorists...then just gauntlet blast the final dude. I did think she was better in this then WW84.

    i thought the degree of violence & language was much like in Logan; overly used “because now we can.”

    Despite preferring Batman over Kent, I have to agree his stuff was the best. Much like with the theatrical cut of BvS, his story drastically was screwed over in Whedon’s version. And I haven’t seen all of Whedon’s movie.

    I’m curious how much was added because Snyder could do whatever he wanted. Surely this wouldn’t have been the director’s cut of his theatrical release. Reading about what he was looking to do in the sequels, I’m glad he was booted.

    There were multiple moments I found myself think of either the X-Men movies or the Avengers movies.

    I didn’t watch Aquaman. Does Amber Heard sound that ridiculous in that movie?

  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    @Mihawk Wait, isn’t it “Zack Snyder’s”?

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