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Crisis Tapes 24 Talkback: Crisis on Infinite Earths #6, Part 2

Adam_MurdoughAdam_Murdough Posts: 501
edited June 2 in CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs

Earth-S is in turmoil! Some of our villains are missing! The new Wildcat steps into the ring! And Harbinger makes a supreme sacrifice to save the 'exogenous Earths' of the DC Multiverse! Adam and Peter hit the halfway point of their exhaustive summation of the Crisis maxiseries with this episode. (2:47:08)

Listen here or give it a watch (audio only) on YouTube:


  • MattMatt Posts: 4,457

    “Halfway point” makes me think this talkback series will outlast the MCU.

  • AlpinemapsAlpinemaps Posts: 20

    Another fantastic episode, even if the comic was "thin." Thank you for the shout out - this podcast truly does hit the top of my list when it appears.

    I had the chance to listen through and finish up today.

    Some quick thoughts:

    1. I never would have made the connection between the Multiversity Map and the image on page 22, but wow - as soon as I saw the image, I immediately knew what you were speaking of Peter.
    2. Billy vs Freddie in the Mary vs WW scene - in the digital edition on the DC Universe Infinite app, they have it colored as Freddie. And I believe you're right, it has to be Freddie, based on the way he is drawn, and that dialog of "I'm here." I'm thinking the reference to "sis" is just to clue in the not-so-familiar reader that this is a "family" of Captain Marvel characters.
    3. Untold Tales of the Crisis - I think Peter's mention of the three-Earth-overlap on Page 23, with the "Vein Diagram" of Earths would be a good candidate. I'm sure things must have really be going haywire on those locations.

    Thanks again!

  • ChrisMurrinChrisMurrin Posts: 220

    Matt's right, and I'm okay with that. Thanks for another informative episode.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,587
    edited June 12

    Still working my way through the episode, but here are a few thoughts so far:

    Re: possible pre-Crisis stories involving an Atlantis of the future, Tommy Tomorrow did not visit Atlantis per se, but he did find the descendants of Atlantis on a “10th planet” beyond Pluto, who are planning to invade Earth to restore their ancient glory there (Action Comics #130, March 1949).

    In Showcase #21, Rip Hunter travels to the futuristic-looking Atlantis of 14,000 BC, only to discover it was founded/created by an alien race, and just in time to help its inhabitants to escape its destruction via earthquake.

    Closer though is when Superman travelled to the far future to a time when the Sun aged to red, and Earth was a dried husk—“Superman Under the Red Sun,” which I read as a kid in one of the reprint digests DC put out in the late ’70s. It's probably my favorite Silver Age Superman story. At one point Supes has to walk across what used to be the ocean floor to reach the Fortress of Solitude, and he comes across the ruins of Lori Lemaris’ Atlantis. It’s only one panel, and you see one or two half-standing buildings in the background. I don't know of any other pre-Crisis sightings of a “future” Atlantis.

    Re: Aquaman’s new costume for the miniseries you discussed, it was Neal Potzner’s design based on a ballet costume he had seen. Alan Davis was originally supposed to draw the series, and drew his own version of the costume (along with designs for other characters in the cast, and pencil breakdowns for the first issue) before Giordano moved him over to Batman & the Outsiders. Craig was then brought in, and his version of the costume is very, very close to Alan’s, which was very close to Neal’s. So nothing against Craig (I've told him myself how much I loved his work on that story), but based on what I've seen and heard from them, credit for that costume design should go solely to Neal.

    The name Thierna Na Oge is taken from Tir na nOg [TEE-er na NOHG] of Celtic mythology. It's one of the names for the Otherworld, sort of a parallel dimension—basically it's the same thing as Avalon in the Arthurian legends. So personally I would pronounce it [TEE-er-na na OHG].

    Believe it or not, but the Sea Devils never visit Atlantis pre-Crisis. They encounter mermaids, mermen, and Greek gods, but no Atlanteans or Atlantis.

  • BionicDaveBionicDave Posts: 376
    edited June 30

    Great episode (again), Crisisologists Adam & Peter!

    And such weird coincidences...

    I was busy this month and it took me a bit to discover this episode, I just listened this week. But last week I got a marketing email from DC Comics mentioning Dark Nights: Death Metal, The Secret Origin, which I hadn't read. (I pretty much skipped all of Death Metal; I feel bad, it's the first "Crisis" in which I refused to partake, but Snyder and his Batman Who Laughs/ Dark Multiverse are not my cup of tea lol.) Anyway: I saw that Geoff Johns cowrote that comic so I definitely had to track it down and read it. Then two days later, Adam mentions it right in this here podcast! This proves Fate. 😂 Also fortuitous was your Crisis discussion about Lori Lemaris - as, in this Dark Nights: Death Metal issue, the story depicts how Superboy-Prime's girlfriend Laurie once wore a mermaid-inspired costume in subtextual homage to our favorite comic book mermaid. (And now I am floored!)

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