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Episode 1812 Talkback - Loki Episode 1 Spoiler Review and Comic Talk

Not a trick! Not an imaginary story! But it sure is timey whimey, that much is true. Chris, Ian, Shane and Murd give an in-depth and spoiler-filled review of the first episode of Marvel's latest traverse through the multiverse, Loki (4:58-58:21). We then catch up on our latest reads, including Ian traveling to the 90s for X-Men Legends #1, Chris not traveling to the 90s for Heroes Reborn #1 (the new one) and Marvel Double Action, Spider-Man Spider's Shadow #1, Fantastic Four Life Story #1, Radiant Black #4, The Silver Coin #1 and more. Then, journey back in tiiiiime with Murd for DC's The Young All-Stars, and one of Grant Morrison's first (and trippiest), Zenith. Plus some World of Toys updates on GI Joe, Batman '66 figures and some amazing Lego sets, and yes, a Muddle the Murd! A true gem of an episode...not a stone. Trust me, no stones. (2:06:16)

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