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Episode 1814 Talkback: Black Widow Movie Review

The MCU returns to theaters...and so does the CGS crew! Live, in person and in studio for the first time in over a year and a half, Ian, Chris, Murd and Shane give us their honest opinions on the first movie of Phase Four, and the experience of heading back into the theater to do so. They also open some mail from the mailbag, discuss trailers viewed before the movie such as Shang-Chi, Venom 2 and Suicide Squad, and some other digressions. And yes, there be spoilers abound within, so do wait until after you've seen Black Widow to listen! (1:23:15)

Listen here or watch us on YouTube:


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    MattMatt Posts: 4,457
    edited July 2021

    Movies like Catwoman & Elektra killed this movie coming out 10 years ago.

    I’m not certain it needed to be released 10 years ago, but it should’ve been released before Red Sparrow (I heard the book was great!) & Anna. Both of those felt more like Black Widow then this movie did. This movie felt like the Bourne movies. And to some extent, Salt.

    When I watched Anna, I thought this could be a perfect ‘Budapest’ movie, with Barton in Cillian Murphy’s role, but without the sexual relationship.

    With the exception of a handful of announced movies, I’ll admit I’m not overly excited about the MCU moving forward. This will probably be the last MCU I go to see on opening weekend.

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    MattMatt Posts: 4,457

    Interesting article, but I think they overlooked a few things:

    Maybe people just didn’t find it that enjoyable. Most of the prior MCU movies I wanted to see again after an initial view. I’m good waiting 3 months to watch it for free on Disney+. I wanted this movie to be good, but I just felt it was underwhelming.

    I also disagree with the “no man’s land timeline” notion. We knew the fate of Anakin’s Skywalker, but people went to see the prequel trilogy. How kickass is Rogue One? We knew that plan was doomed to be a suicide squad.

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    JonJon Posts: 6

    You're right, Matt. No-one likes to see mega-rich film stars whining when there is so much poverty in the world. But, she does look to have been short-changed by Disney.

    I did like the film though and am glad I saw it at the cinema. Let's face it, all super-hero films should be seen at the cinema. That's what they are made for. (I even saw New Mutants at the cinema last year and loved it!!). But I can confidently predict that, with the loss of major bankable film stars like Robert Downey Jr etc plus the growing prevalence of more streaming at home and less cinema-going, Marvel Phase 4 will be a bit of a damp squib in comparison to previous phases. 10+ years has been a good run though so I'm not complaining.

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    tacotabacotacotabaco Posts: 2
    edited April 25

    It's great to hear that the CGS crew is back together and sharing their thoughts on the latest MCU movie! There's something special about experiencing these big-screen moments with friends. I remember when my friends and I reunited to catch a movie after so long apart; the excitement was palpable. It's also fun to discuss trailers and speculate about upcoming releases. Can't wait to check out the movies playing in theaters and dive into those spoiler-filled conversations!

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