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Episode 1816 Talkback: Old Friends

i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 713
edited July 27 in CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs

Peter and Bryan return to CGS for a casual conversation about comics, nerdy stuff, and life in 2021.

Reminisce, reconnect, and listen here.


  • mrfusionmrfusion Posts: 184

    What a great episode. So glad to just hear these two kicking back and hanging out.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,470

    Great episode. Loved hearing the updates and the tease for things to come.

    Curiously, I recently finished a reread of the Thomas Covenant books as a part of a Stephen R Donaldson reread. I’ve enjoyed most everything in his with exception of maybe one or two short stories.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,585

    CGS OG! Great to hear you guys again!

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,585

    Yeah, finish up Cerebus! We talked about it on the Meet tonight, and none of us finished reading the series either. I started reading Cerebus while “Jaka’s Story” was coming out. For a while, each time a new phonebook dropped, I reread (starting with “High Society”, not the first collection) the series before digging in to the new book. But those next books were a lot shorter (relatively speaking), so I stopped doing that after the third or fourth time through. I dropped off Cerebus entirely after, I think, “Going Home”. But I have those last three volumes, and I'm up for reading along if you guys are.

  • JonJon Posts: 3

    Like nweathington, another yes, to you doing Cerebus. I knew that you had done one Cerebus book of the month plus a Dave Sim interview but didn't realise you did a handful. I think I read the first hundred plus issues or, up to Jaka's Story and a little beyond. Now I just want you guys to show some love for Love and Rockets and my life would be complete.

    I'm glad Thomas Covenant still holds up, hauberk. I read the first volume back when it came out and enjoyed it.

  • EdChambersEdChambers Posts: 61

    "Arya Stark - the Batman of Game of Thrones." I loved this! Man, I miss Peter on the show. It was great listening to Brian and Peter chat.

  • CagedEyeCagedEye Posts: 20

    Jon, I love Los Bros Hernandez' artistic skills. I'm not so impressed by their writing but I'll read their comics just so I can admire the artwork.

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