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Episode 1818 Talkback: A Conversation With Ron Marz

After a nine year hiatus, Ron Marz returns to Comic Geek Speak! Since then, the cast has changed, and so has the comic book industry. In turn, Ron's main focus is his current cosmic crowdfunding campaign at Zoop along with Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi, titled Resolution. Along with that, Ian and Chris discuss the full scope of Ron's career, including the creations of Kyle Rayner and Genis-Vell, taking over for Starlin on Silver Surfer, the rise and fall of Crossgen and how its existence changed the comic book medium, Samurai: Heaven and Earth (one of Chris' all-time favorites), Russian spies and Almost American, Swamp God at Heavy Metal and different formats of releasing comics, the state of the NL East, and so much more. (1:47:08)

Listen here or give it a watch on YouTube, and be sure to support Ron's campaign over at!


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