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Eternals Movie Discussion.

The final trailer actually looked really good. I honestly don't have much knowledge about the Enternals. Pretty much all I know about them is they were created by the Celestials. But this trailer looked good. And the Celestial we see in this looked awesome.


  • BrackBrack Posts: 864

    Wish The Deviants looked more like Kirby Deviants than the sort of thing I assume they teach you in Movie CG class these days.

    But at least there's some suggest of the Thena/Kro relationship here. Odd that there's so little Gemma Chan as Sersi in the trailer as my early assumption was she was supposed to be the lead.

    It is funny that the MCU Eternals ran into a similar problem as the comic Eternals, in that you have to bend over backwards in the writing to have them make sense in the context of a wider Marvel Universe, and in doing so, the central conceit is weakened.

    The main disappointment of course is the lack of the best two characters from the comic - KARKAS and RANSAK THE REJECT. So hope it's a success and we get them in a sequel.

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