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Episode 1825 Talkback: Comic Talk

Get ready for quite the catchup of comic book related reads, watching and happenings! This includes IDW heading to Penguin Random House, Chris discusses his recovery from Tropical Storm Ida and how it will change his collecting habits moving forward, Shane got some time to read Justice League: Death Metal, Batman '89 #1, Batman Beyond #48 and 49, Infinite Frontier and some Wally West Flash, Murd discusses Superman '89 #1 and Al Ewing's Defenders, Ian goes into Spider-Man Life Story Annual #1 and Fantastic Four: Life Story and goes into Joe Bennett's removal from Marvel Comics in further detail, and Chris goes over JMS and Epting's Telepaths, Ron Marz's Almost American, Cantwell's Iron Man and Brubaker's The Fall Out. Plus some media conversation of Superman & Lois, Y: The Last Man, What If...?, Stargirl and Star Trek: Lower Decks, Shane does a World of Toys on GI Joe Cobra Island, Marvel Legends, Star Wars and He-Man, we fit in a Muddle the Murd and more! (2:01:46)

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  • BrackBrack Posts: 864

    I'm with Shane, the new Unlimited UX is horrible.

    It's now started just throwing random series I've never touched as things I'd left off reading and not the actual series I was reading.

    The joy of the old one was you could filter by date, and read everything released in a given month if you wanted to. Now it feels like it wants you to read what it wants you to read. Which seeming is those Infinite Comics. And even those are broken with the final credit page being obscured by black bars.

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