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Episode 1834 Talkback - December 2021 Previews

i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 749

Perfectly timed for the middle of the month, Chris, Ian and Murd are ready to peruse Previews! The catalogs this time around are Previews issue 399, DC Connect 19, and Marvel Previews Vol 6 issue 3, for books mostly set to be released in February 2022. And as we sit here planning our winter holidays, Previews is all about love and romance for that other one with the chocolate and the hearts and what have you. And strangely tons of horror; you be the judge on that one. (2:22:40)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:


  • BryanBryan Posts: 178

    Haven’t fixed the episode yet, but two things so far:

    1) @i_am_scifi : Please, don’t let @wildpigcomics go first when you both try to speak at the same time. His complete inability to say the name of the book you’re talking about means that you should always go first.

    2) Re: Crowded. The trade in this month’s previews is the final arc, but I didn’t get the impression that you were aware that it’s also new. They went straight to trade with the final arc; It was never released in singles. If you want to read the final arc this is the only way to do it. Probably you were aware of that, but I didn’t hear you explicitly say it, so I wanted to point it out.

  • Thanks for the clarification on Crowded, @Bryan. I had thought as much, but I think my words escaped me in this particular instance. As per the pages, we are still doing our best here, but the show flows the way the show flows. Chris is going to go first at times; I'll just have to friendly remind him to call out pages when he does. 😏

  • Haven't finished reading Mamo yet, but I like it quite a bit, and the artwork is top-notch. Story-wise, think Harrow County, but with a South American magic realism flavor rather than an Appalachian.

  • To be fair, @Adam_Murdough, Mob Psycho is a fantastic series.

  • BryanBryan Posts: 178
    edited December 2021

    @i_am_scifi - I know he’s going to go first sometimes, I was mostly kidding about that. I was just trying to point out once again that some of us still listen to the podcast and would very much appreciate it you would state the name of the books. I was at the end of a long day when I wrote that, I apologize if it came out too snarky.

    Also, If you’d like, I can listen in to the next zoom call with an air horn and hit it every time someone starts talking about a book without saying the title.*

    *Kidding about that too.**

    **Unless you actually want me to do it.

  • @Bryan I'll have my air horn ready and waiting! :D

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