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The Batman - Movie - Discussion/Spoiler.

I thought it was very good. The atmosphere and tone was incredible, the music was really good. I really liked the slow methodical pacing, we finally got the "Detective" Batman. I thought Robert Pattinson did a really good job, I could tell the direction they were aiming for, transitioning Batman from a vengeful, vigilante, to a hero.

The Riddler, he was like a combination of Hush, Anarky, with the "Long Halloween" storyline. They really took a lot of elements from all those stories and mixed them together. And I think it worked. I liked the ending, your not going to have The Riddler be some big physical opponent.

Liked what the did with Catwoman, Gordon was good, and the prosthetics for the Penguin was really good, can barely see Colin Farrell in there.

And what they did with Thomas Wayne, isn't something new, in the Telltale games, he was just straight up a gangster, so I liked that they kept some integrity while changing the normal narrative of the Wayne's.

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