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Episode 1848 Talkback: The CGS Best of 2021 Results and Comic Talk

Six Geeks take the stage for this loosey goosey Comic Talk, as Shane, Murd, Chris and Ian are joined by Kevin and Matt! First, the results of the Comic Geek Speak Best of 2021 Awards are shared with the crowd, followed by discussion of the Warner Bros and Discovery merger and how that may affect DC Comics moving forward, The Flash movie and its tumultuous future, news out of Cinemacon for Sony and Warner Bros alike, and reactions to the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. Plus, Chris checks out Tom Taylor's Nightwing and finishes Human Target Season One, Ian gives Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood's Moon Knight a spin and comments on the leadup to Dark Crisis in Justice League 75, Matt revisits Moon Knight from the 1980s, Kevin gives Kelly Thompson's Captain Marvel a whirl, Shane gives Batman: The Long Halloween a reread, and Murd goes Kickstarter with Karl Kessel's Impossible Jones. All that and some movie conversation, Chris' latest trip to Eide's, a Muddle, and more! (2:16:03)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:


  • VertighostVertighost Posts: 333
    edited May 1

    Enjoyably meaty episode covering various topics. Mr. Eberle, thank you for once again singing the praises of Master of Kung Fu - a comic I didn't discover until I was an adult, which is appropriate since I'm not sure younger readers could appreciate Moench's thrilling but frequently melancholy Bruce Lee/James Bond hybrid. I'm still completely disappointed by that Shang-Chi film which IMO is the first time a Marvel Cinematic Universe film failed to not only capture what made the source material great, but failed to even maintain the spirit of the comic book.

    For what it’s worth re: the excitement over reading the book American Empire: there must be a generation gap here because I can’t fathom how anyone could be so eager to read yet another book detailing the specific ways past generations of Americans failed to live up to present day Western value systems that for the most part, didn’t even exist back then - for Americans or anyone else. And I write this as a very non-jingoistic liberal Latino (which I only note because certain kinds of people are quick to ascribe such opinions to some Far Right caricature).

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