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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Firstly I want to say, that if you haven't seen all of WandaVision? You 100% need to, before watching this movie. Because I can't imagine going from Endgame to this, and understanding anything that Wanda is doing. I liked it, didn't think it was as good as Spider-Man NWH, but it was better than the first Doctor Strange movie.

Spoilers - The pacing was incredibly fast moving, in the first 15 minutes, yep, Wanda/Scarlet Witch is the Villain of this movie. And she is insanely powerful, and completely gone.

Seeing the full Illuminati on that other Earth was crazy. Black Bolt was actually cool, everyone finally got John Krasinski as Reed Richards, and I have to say, he absolutely felt more like Reed Richards, then that other Live Action one ever did. And I hope he is the 616 Reed Richards proper. And seeing Patrick Stewart as Professor X in a MCU movie was very cool.

But Wanda took a page out of Omni-Man's playbook, and just brutally slaughtered them all. So crazy, that scene has to make Blade fans happy. But I really like that Xavier at least tried to talk her down via telepathy, but the Scarlet Witches hold was too strong.

And the Doctor Strange vs Doctor Strange fight was easily my favorite fight in the movie. I love the more creative way he used his magic in this one, just much more then him making a circle.

And the ending was fine, they had to bring Wanda down, because she's too powerful now, if they just brought her back to the good side, she's so powerful now, someone like Kang would be dusted in seconds. Even though we didn't see her die, which means she's not, but I believe she'll be greatly debuffed. But one question I had, where the heck was Vision? Because he is alive now.

And having Charlize Theron play Clea 👍.

Overall, I'd say good, but not great movie.

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