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Episode 1853 Talkback: Comic Talk

Chris, Ian and Murd have comics to talk about, so let's do the Comic Talk again! Within, topics discussed include Joe Quesada leaving Marvel Comics, the first two episodes of Obi Wan and Season Four Part 1 of Stranger Things (spoiler free), Chris gives us a Kurt Busiek twofer on Astro City: This Was Then... and Arrowsmith Behind Enemy Lines, then a Batman duo with Chip Zdarsky's Batman: The Knight and Tom King's Batman: Killing Time. Ian gets further into Dark Crisis with Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis and the FCBD Dark Crisis issue, then gives his thoughts on issues 1 and 2 of Zeb Wells' and John Romita Jr's Amazing Spider-Man and Zdarsky's The All-Nighter, with some Patsy Walker 1955 thrown in for good measure. Then, Murd hops in the Bubble for Decades: Marvel In The '50S - Captain America Strikes! in honor of Memorial Day, and Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook in honor of...Brooklyn. Plus Muddle the Murd, and more! (1:45:54)

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    jaydee74jaydee74 Posts: 1,526

    Having watched all three episodes, I have to say I really enjoy the Kenobi series. For Adam's comment about Obi-Wan being the way he is, his side lost the war. He's traumatized by the war and Order 66 and what happened to Anakin. If you've seen Rebels, then the Inquisitors will be a group that you are aware of. As for the timeline? It's right in the first episode where after you see a flashback to Order 66, you get a scene that shows it's been 10 years which makes sense since Kenobi is 10 years after Revenge of the Sith while Rebels is 15 years after Revenge of the Sith. Also, episode 3? Yup. I've seen it four times and it's amazing.

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