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Episode 1861 Talkback: Spotlight on The Green Goblin in the Silver Age

We're back, live in studio for the first time in a little more than a year! And as has become tradition when us Geeks get together, a spotlight will follow. Chris Eberle meticulously drafted a breakdown of one of Marvel's most meticulous, crafty, and dangerous villains, the one and only Green Goblin! We go through his cooky origins featuring a movie set, a broomstick and The Hulk to stories much closer to the Goblin we know and love as the Silver Age draws on. Key issues include The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine issue 2, Amazing Spider-Man 39 and 40, and the first issues of Marvel to dare to go without the Comics Code Authority, issues 96 through 98. We also discuss Norman's fatherly relationship with Peter and his lack thereof with Harry, some appearances in other media, and so much more. And after all, what better way to get ready for fall than to talk about various pumpkins? (2:18:19)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:


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    chrislchrisl Posts: 78

    Another excellent spotlight, guys. These are some of my favorite episodes because of all the research Chris does. Great work, sir. It was very interesting to hear that maybe Ditko didn’t leave the series because of the Green Goblin unmasking.

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