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Episode 1866 Talkback: September 2022 Previews

i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 779
edited November 2022 in CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs

It's still September, so here, have a Previews! Murd, Ian and Shane start the show off dissecting Diamond Previews 408, DC Connect 28 and Marvel Previews Vol 6 issue 12, for books primarily set for release in November 2022. Chris then joins the convo in the middle of DC and sticks around for the rest of the episode. To summarize this month, the 90s are back in so many ways; Wildstorm, Crossgen, WildCATS, Spawn, Ben Reilly, Young Justice, oh my! And after all of that, there's some t-shirts worth mentioning in the Merch section. (2:44:36)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:

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