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Episode 1869 Talkback: New York Comic Con 2022 Wrap-Up

i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 779
edited December 2022 in CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs

New York Comic Con 2022 was held from October 6-9, 2022. Now that the con has been put to bed, this Comic Timing/CGS crossover episode goes into the minutia of what went down, from the mindset of longtime convention attendees, artist alley participants, and one first-timer. The crew consists of Ian Levenstein (haven't missed a NYCC yet!), Kris Naudus, Jamal Igle, Julian Lytle, and Donovan Morgan Grant. They discuss both positives and negatives, ranging from layout to inconsistent rules management, panel slate, the exhibition floor, crown management, and a whole lot more. Plus some comic book recommendations at the end to round us out. (2:06:18)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:

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