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Episode 1871 Talkback: We Forgot to Record An Intro, But Kevin's Here!

i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 784
edited January 2023 in CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs

We join the the Geeks already in progress, as there's plenty to discuss with a group consisting of Peter, Brian, Pants, Shane and now Kevin! Topics include selling Kevin's collection; the trade paperback market; Heritage Auctions; Werewolf by Night; the need for more Marvel animation; the first episodes of Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Moonlighting; Sword of Azrael by O'Neil, Quesada and Nowlan; the Paper Girls TV show; a recap of NYCC 2022, and more! (2:02:30)

Listen here or on YouTube (audio only):

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