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Episode 1878 Talkback: December 2022 Previews

Tis the season for reading Previews, falalala lalalala. Well okay fine, it's always the season to read Previews, but it is especially so come December! Ian, Murd and Chris (who sticks around until Marvel is done) discuss their choice choices within Diamond Previews issue 411, DC Connect issue 31, and Marvel Previews Vol 6 issue 15, with books mostly set for release in February 2023. Highlights include the return of Superman and his corresponding book, a whole lot of Paco Medina art in X-Men's Sins of Sinister event, Fleecs and Seeley's Local Man, and there's a few romance books to be found, but there's also a surprising amount of horror titles all over the catalogs; take that to mean whatever you'd like it to mean. Plus, we peruse the Free Comic Book Day selections that will be available come May 2023, when the weather is warm once more and snow is a distant memory! (2:40:37)

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