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Episode 1879 Talkback: GI Joe 40th Anniversary Special

GO JOE!!! In celebration of 40 years since the creation of the GI Joe comics and animated series, we venture back to the very beginning of it all. Shane, Chris, Ian and Matt give their thoughts on issue 1 of the GI Joe comic, written by the one and only Larry Hama, with art by the legendary Herb Trimpe. But do they stop there? NO! The crew also goes deep into GI Joe's very first five-part animated miniseries, The M.A.S.S. Device. Discussion includes variation in tone between the two versions of the franchise, whether the comic is as kid-friendly as the show, if the show is even as kid-friendly as we remember it to be, the 80s house animation style, Scarlett's split romantic longings, Cobra Commander's competency or lack thereof, Snake Eyes glowing like a Christmas tree, a lot more references to slavery than we remembered, the slaughtering of an entire village, Destro having all the best one-liners, and so much more. Much more includes plenty of toy talk from Shane and the rest of the Geeks, that's for sure! So now you know. And knowing is... well, you get the idea. (1:58:18)

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