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Episode 1881 Talkback: Spotlight on Magneto, Master of Magnetism

We welcome you to a New Year with a new Spotlight! Chris Eberle has crafted an absolute gem of an episode, and Shane and Murd gather in studio to bask in its glow, while Ian calls remote from vacation in Florida. This goes through the entire character history of one Max Eisenhardt, alias Erik Lehnsherr...but the nom de plume we are most familiar with is that of Magneto, Master of Magnetism! From his beginnings in the 1960s as X-Men enemy du jour to Claremont's crafting and rebuilding of his personality in the 1970s, that time he was a baby for a while, all the way to the launch of Volume 2 of X-Men and Magneto's return to villainy to the creation of Onslaught, ruling Genosha, that whole Xorn thing, and so much more, we do our best to give you a full breakdown of one of Marvel's most prevalent presences both in comics and related media. And yes, we even mention Joseph. Fair is fair, after all. (2:50:35)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:


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    nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,742

    I believe Heck actually asked John Buscema for help with the Marvel style, not Kirby. Of course, Kirby did layouts for Heck a couple of times, as well, but that was per Stan, not because of Heck asking for help.

    Fun episode!

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