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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 NO SPOILERS

I can only say that I will be very eager to hear what certain members of the Geek Speak group have to say about this film. I expect them to love it since I understand that Gunn has a huge fan base because they really enjoy his humor, but this is the second time that Gunn has taken an interesting and conflicted 3-dimensional character who could support their own movie and turned them into a dopey idiot for laughs. First, it was Vigilante in the Peacemaker series and you'll see for yourself in this one. I don't know why he does this. If you're going to completely gut a character, then why not just call the character something else? Or pick a character who was dopey in the comics. I do NOT look forward to seeing how he handles DC characters moving forward. What character will he gut next?

As fans we accuse certain creators of not actually loving the characters, and I think that's the case with Gunn. It seems like if he finds a character too "serious" he wants to turn them into a running joke.

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