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Geeks @ NFL - 2023 CBS Sports NFL Pick'em Game

Football Season is upon us! Many years ago, a couple of forum members started an NFL Pick’em Group at CBS Sports and you are welcome to join the fun.

Please come join the Geek Community on CBSSPORTS.COM for 2023 NFL Pick'em Game. It's a place where fellow geeks & football fans gather to see who can predict the most NFL game outcomes correctly this season. We keep it extremely simple for maximum fun, requiring straight weekly picks of which team you think will win with NO POINT SPREADS to worry about. Unlike Fantasy Football, there's no draft, no fees or team management to concern you (and also no prizes – just bragging rights!).

If you were a part of the Pick'em Game last year (or any previous year, actually), you are good to go. Just head over to CBS Sports, log in and make your picks:

If you want to join us and accept this invitation, send me ([email protected]) your email address and I will send you an official invitation. You will need to create an account at It is free and should be a relatively quick & hassle-free task.

This only applies to Regular Season Games – no pre-season or post-season. The first game is 8:20 PM (EDT) Thursday, September 7, 2023 and picks are due no later than one hour before the game starts.

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