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Largest DC omnibus yet?

I recently saw that DC is publishing an omnibus collecting the Green Lantern Corps series. Since I own a couple of the Green Lantern by Geoff Johns omnibuses, this book was recommended to me on Amazon. Below the listing in their “you may also like” section was a listing for a 10th anniversary collection Blackest Night omnibus. (Can’t believe that was ten years ago, already!) Anyway, since I already own that series in its own collection of hardcovers and own most of it, again, in the Geoff Johns omnibuses, I knew this one was an easy pass for me. Still, I looked at the listing to see what all it collected. Here’s what I learned:

It’s a comprehensive collection of all Blackest Night stories from across all of DC’s titles, coming it at a whopping page count of 1664 pages and weighing in at nearly 9 pounds! It has a cover price of $150, though you can get it for half that at Amazon (at least, as of today). So, if you’ve never read it and you’d like to (and you’d also like to own one of the largest comic collections ever printed), you can pick it up at a good price right now.

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