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NOTE: The forums will be closing down soon

Hey, all. As announced on this week's episode, we're beginning the process of winding down the Comic Geek Speak Forums. While it will always hold a place in our hearts, and our growth as a show over the years, the participation at current use doesn't unfortunately merit the cost of maintaining it.

We don't have a set closure date as of yet, but when we do, we will let you know. But take this as an opportunity to back up any posts you'd like to with time to spare, and feel free to continue using it up until the final day. For continued conversation we have the Super Group over on Facebook, as well as accounts on all major social media platforms. And if there's anything else community based we launch, we will certainly let you all know.

But most of all, thanks for all the wonderful memories, forum. You were a blast.


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    BryanBryan Posts: 208

    @i_am_scifi I certainly can understand not wanting the cost of the forum when it’s used so lightly. I’m not a huge user of the forum, nor am I an old school listener, so I don’t have a ton of nostalgia on the line. Others may feel differently.

    One big thing I appreciate about having the forum is that I can get things like Best Of Ballots without having to visit places like facebook. It would be great if you guys could find a place to post things like that publicly in a way that doesn’t require us to sign up for social media we don’t want. Something attached to the main page would work, but given that the about section of that page doesn’t even have you or Chris I suspect updating the webpage isn’t on anyone’s priority list. Anyway, just something to think about.

    On a similar note, if you guys have a threads account, it would be great if you could turn on federation in your profile so we can follow you from mastodon.


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    i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 784

    @Bryan I just turned on Federative sharing on our Threads account, and will attempt to post there more often as well. We've also been posting the Best of ballot to Instagram and the YouTube Community page. In the future, I may also be able to share a Google Doc with the nominees as a link on the episode release as well.

    Finally, there's a chance we might create a Discord server at some point down the road, but that's not an immediacy; stay tuned.

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    Unfortunately I knew this day would eventually come. I will always look back fondly on my time spent on the various iterations of the CGS forums. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful place for all of us on the internet. The early days of the podcast and the forums truly was like catching lightning in a bottle! Special thanks to all the geeks for keeping the show going strong for all these years, it is a treasure!

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    mrfusionmrfusion Posts: 186

    I don't really go to Facebook anymore and I've deleted my Twitter account, but I can be found on the Fediverse here:

    Man, I remember when the first forum started and it was possible to read every post….

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    sandmansandman Posts: 201

    I'm sorry to hear that the forums are shutting down. I know forums may seem old fashioned, but the way you can organize them and have different categories and sub categories make them better for have conversations than other mediums. Facebook and X (ugh) are good for announcements and press releases, but I still think that forums are better for holding conversations on subjects. And YouTube comments aren't a great option either.

    For the longest time I couldn't even get to the forums because the link from the homepage didn't work. I'm glad it's working again, so I can chat a little before they go away 👋

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    David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,884

    @sandman So sorry to hear that about the homepage link. That is frustrating, and sorry to not have been aware of that. Ugh.

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    nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,746

    Right there with you, @sandman. It's easy to talk at people on FB and YT, but very difficult to talk with people.

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