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Herring and Robinson Price Increase

CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
edited May 2012 in Comic Book Binding
H&R recently raised their custom cover binds to $20 and now come July their Basic Binds are going up to $18.50 from $16.50. Still great prices though...
We would like to advise you of an upcoming increase in our binding rates. The prices below are effective July 1, 2012. Orders received in the bindery prior to this date will be billed at our current rates.

Some background:
We have been experiencing consistent and substantial increases in the cost of materials and have been holding the line on this for a few years, and finally need to adjust our fees. Another key factor is that we hand set the lettering and special finishing (panel lines, die stamps) on our comic binds which produces the best result, however this custom process is extremely time and labor intensive. We’d like to continue to offer this custom service and have raised our base binding price to help offset the time required.
New prices as of July 1, 2012:
Basic comic book binding fee: $18.50
Head bands: $2.00 per book
Ribbon: $1.50 per book
Die imprint: $4.00 per imprint
Panel lines: 75¢ each

Herring & Robinson


  • bryciebrycie Posts: 10
    Yeah, they're great, Joel is such a cool dude.
    Something you may want to consider bringing up to them that I mentioned last time I was there was having them offer those hardcover book sleeves (serves in lieu of a dust jacket but also covers the top, bottom and outside.
    He said he'd consider it if there was enough interest or enough were requested where he could just bang them out.
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