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custom dust jackets?

jthd35jthd35 Posts: 14
edited June 2012 in Comic Book Binding
any one do these before?

any places to recommend

I may be able to design in photoshop but tips on flap sizes, thickness etc
are appreciated

Best Answer

  • MiraclemetMiraclemet Posts: 258
    Answer ✓
    I made my own dust jackets for some of my Marvel Omnibuses and for a few binds I bought second hand that didnt match my layouts.

    For my regular bind's flap sizes I went with 2.5 inches
    For my omnibuses I went a little wider at 3.5 inches
    anywhere between those two spots is safe.

    Not sure what "thickness" you are referring to?

    Also depending on your dustjacket you may want to hunt down the marvel font that has some nice stuff in it (icon wise)


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