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I work for PBS. I used to have a podcast called Me and Mister 80s that was about music and pop culture - which lasted about 30-40 episodes and an even shorter run for Love Her, Hate Him that is did with my girlfriend. I love Movies, Comics, and Video Games. I play on Xbox One. You can find me under ElectricGypsy72 - which is a reference to the amazing Jimi Hendrix and my birth year. I love Marvel Comics and their movies, but also love the DC shows on the CW. Also, love Doctor Who - old ones and new ones - Sci-Fi in general, and all types of games - both board and video! I started listening to the Podcast right around the first big meet up - was that like episode 100?! - seems like a million years ago. It was right about that time I also got back into comics with Civil War (which I did not expect to be the first of at least two now!). I drifted away from the boards and the podcast, but always came back to the podcast. Now I'm back to the forum because I need to geek out with others!


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