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popestu I'm Stu. I've been a listener for 4 or 5 years. Comics have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember but I started my affair in fifth grade when I traded my Indian Jones figure for Iron Man #123 - "Casino Fatale" . Prior to this I liked Flash and Green Lantern comics. Spiderman (and then his Amazing Friends) and the Hulk were my favorite cartoons (the "Wonderifical" episode and Australian Wolverine episode rocked) . Superman was the first movie in saw in theaters. He was my first favorite. The 60's Marvel cartoons are some of my earliest memories (especially the Spiderman, FF (love that baseline), and Captain America theme songs in addition to "FLAME ON! " and Reed's stretchy noise). I often made Cap shields out of paper plates, loose leaf, and staples as well as Space Ghost bands out of folded looseleaf and tape. I am not a superhero purist bit I do prefer superhero stories. I do not have issues with reboots or retcons. I do have issues with bad stories. Continuity is important for ongoings but it shouldn't get in the way of a good story. Elseworlds, What-ifs, alternate realities/timeliness/dimensions are great! I am part of the comics as modern myth camp. Dr. Doom is my favorite antagonist (I am regularly let down when he doesn't win. He really should be ruling the world or galaxy by now).


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