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How do you read your comics?

Do you read them in bunches? Sporadically? Do you stockpile them weeks at a time? What order do you go in - Character-wise, most excited for, etc....

For me, I tend to stockpile a few months worth. (Currently, almost done slogging through 6-7 month's worth)

With all these comics, I put like ones together, For example, I have anything Batman related together. Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Red Hood, Batman, etc. Same for Spider-Man, X-Men, and others. Crossovers also get put together, in order.

I try to read a bunch at once.

The order I go in? From least excited about to most excited about. (For example, I have the entirety of Avengers vs X-Men waiting for me at the end of my current pile)


  • I read my books as soon as I get them. Usually, I get a package delivered every two weeks, ranging anywhere from 25 to 50 books, depending upon my finances. I clear away the whole day of everything else and just sit and read through them. If there are too many for me to get to in one day, or there's something else going on that I just can't avoid, then I'll read as many as I can and delay the rest for the next day.

    Yeah, I bunch them up: Superman books, Batman books, Justice Leagues, Avengers, etc. The Big Events (like Avengers vs X-Men) get grouped together and are usually read first. Trades and Hard Covers are saved for last.

  • larrylarry Posts: 125
    I really try to keep up with my dcbs orders so that I can justify the next order to the spousal unit. I do like going from least excited about to most excited too. Sometimes I use a pile and a random number generator. Other times I try to read books first I have podcasts that discuss the issues.
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
    I get my shipment from DCBS and then sort the books from least excited to read to most. I start with the ones I'm least looking forward to because I like ending on a high note.
  • A random number generator... now there's a notion...

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,712
    I read them as soon as I have time to do so. Sometimes that means only one or two a week, sometimes several in one sitting. Right now I have a stack of about 30 comics that have piled up over the past month. And I'm like Mr_Cosmic; I save my favorites for last. If it takes me too many comics before I get to one I really enjoy, then I know it's time to trim the list.
  • Whether it was trips to the drug store, the comics shop, or waiting for a twice-monthly DCBS shipment, I always read my books as soon as possible. These days within a couple of days, certainly. Always from least excited to most excited (desert comes last, don't you know). I hope when I was younger I didn't rush to quickly through some of the basic titles to get to the biggies. Usually don't re-read my books (although, oddly enough I just did this weekend).
  • WebheadWebhead Posts: 458
    Unless circumstances prevent me I am at my LCS every wednesday to pick up my books and start reading them that day. I start with what I anticipate to be the best book from that week and work my way down. Also I have two piles next to my bed, what I need to read and what I may want to read again after I get the next issue. For example I had all the issues of A vs X in my to re-read pile well the series was going on.
  • DoctorDoomDoctorDoom Posts: 2,586
    I used to read them as soon as I got home from the comic shop. Now I wait. And wait. And wait.

  • batlawbatlaw Posts: 879
    I buy my books from my LCS average every 2-4 weeks. Sometimes Ill still have some unread from my previous visit and sometimes not. Ill often have a 2-3 issues of a series to read at a time. I'll usually grab 4-5 books at a time and take them to work w/ me and replace them w/ another 4-5 as I read them. I usually group them buy company and or character. For example: Ill take 4-5 Bat-family books, next day 4-5 DC books or 4-5 marvel books. I group anything that goes together as much as possible into my 4-5 choices like Green lantern and GL Corps or Captain America W/ Winter Soldier Etc. rather than mix and match randomly. One thing I really avoid is mixing universes/companies if possible. Just a personal quirk.
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    I usually get my books for the week on Saturday. I then try to get through them in the next week, reading what I'm most excited for first. If anything is on the bottom consistently I know what to cut.

    I will save any mini series (up to six issues long) to read at once though. I do like to read a compete story sometimes, this give me the chance along with reading any trades I may have too.
  • Once a month, I get my books from DCBS.

    I immediately go through the books, first checking to make sure I got everything, and then sorting them. I also save the best for last by sorting least excited about to most excited about, as it prevents me from just jumping into the ones I'm most excited about and potentially never getting to those on the lower end of the spectrum.

    I read them right before bed (which for me is about 10 a.m., as I work midnights). I get through between one and three at a time. Takes me around a week to get through my order each month.
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    Mr_Cosmic said:

    I get my shipment from DCBS and then sort the books from least excited to read to most. I start with the ones I'm least looking forward to because I like ending on a high note.

    What he said. Then there's the digital books I enjoy reading weekly.

  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    When I was using DCBS I had my books shipped monthly, anywhere from 25-35 floppies and maybe a trade or two, and I would have it all read within 3-5 days.

    Since switching to the LCS, I get my books weekly, I'm down to about 15-17 books a month, not including what the kids get. Because of a goof up on my part, my last order from DCBS was a month late and I have not been able to catch up on anything except Hawkeye, Captain Marvel and Transformers.

    I had not even finished reading all of the July books, so I had everything from then through last week neatly stacked and sorted for me to read, then file away. Had. Past tense. Nobody has claimed responsibility, but I now have sort it all out again. So much for the sanctity of the mancave.
  • My trades tend to build up and I buy single issues in bulk from comixology, and read both as and when I get the time. When I bought floppies via dcbs I'd pretty much get them all read within a week (up to 25 books), primarily so I could get them put away before the good lady complained of the mess!
  • It all depends. Some books use the serial format well (Daredevil, Spider-Man, Walking Dead) and those I read as they come out. Others, I save up story arcs and read them that way. Although I am moving to trades ever more and I find that is my favorite way to read them...

    Hell, I'd be happy if everything came out in the Essential and thick enough to feel like you've got a true Tome.
  • In an iron lung, flat on my back and reflected in a mirror.
  • In an iron lung, flat on my back and reflected in a mirror.

    Didn't need to be on my back and looking into a mirror to see that one coming.
    Double sigh.

  • KrescanKrescan Posts: 623
    i always say i'm just going to save up a few months and read each one together, (especially my DC ones since they're too good to use a but I never do and I read them all within a week or two and then when I'm waiting for my next DCBS shipment I take on a trade or two. Sometimes from the Library, sometimes from my Free Comic book day's 5 dollar "we can't get rid of these old hard backs" bin
  • kfreemankfreeman Posts: 314
    I get a mix of floppies and trades/OGNs. I usually read the floppies first, starting with ones that I am most looking forward to. Then I do the same with the trades. I try to pace it, along with any digital books that I might buy, that the pile runs out at the exact moment that a new shipment is due.
  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    Left to right.
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087

    Left to right.

    no mangas?

  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803

    Left to right.

    no mangas?

    Once in a while. With so many titles, it's hard to know where to start with manga sometimes. And the ones I do find that I like either go on longer than budget/interest will sustain (20th Century Boys) or get cancelled out from under me (Kindaichi Case Files).
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
    @LibraryBoy Agreed. Longer series (i.e. ONE PIECE) I get 2nd-hand (book swaps, flea market,etc..) and after having read them, they go back into circulation - that's how the Japanese do it. It's not just the money - but also lack of space.

    Some (finished) series I collect though - Death Note, Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub,etc..
  • DoctorDoomDoctorDoom Posts: 2,586

    Left to right.

    no mangas?

    Been a few years since I picked up a manga, but when I got them, I usually read them right away.

  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803

    @LibraryBoy Agreed. Longer series (i.e. ONE PIECE) I get 2nd-hand (book swaps, flea market,etc..) and after having read them, they go back into circulation - that's how the Japanese do it. It's not just the money - but also lack of space.

    Some (finished) series I collect though - Death Note, Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub,etc..

    I've tried to follow up on some series through the library, but it's really spotty... shorter series aren't carried much, and the longer ones you'll be going along at a good clip and then get to, like, volume 5, which for whatever reason only one library in the system ever bought and then some crap 12 year old ripped it off.
  • CaptShazamCaptShazam Posts: 1,178
    I get 95% of my stuff in trade. Usually I will read a complete trade in one sitting and move onto another one. Sometimes I will wait until I have 3 or 4 trades of a title and then read them all at once. For the few floppies I get, I read the most interesting first when my dcbs order arrives. I do most of my reading on the weekends.
  • Single issues purchased from LCS and some trades. I'm going to start doing more trades going forward, though. I'll also read stuff from ComiXology if it's on sale or I'm in a pinch, but it isn't my default choice.
  • dubbat138dubbat138 Posts: 3,200
    With my eyes while sitting on the crapper.
  • demonbeardemonbear Posts: 159
    i used to read 'em as soon as i got 'em. but lately, i've only been able to go to my LCS only once or twice a month, as things have been hectic. and i've been killed by double shipping! sometimes i can't read a current arc since i have one issue missing due to the shipping schedule.

    what i do now is group 'em into arcs, or mini-arcs, reading 2-3 of a series in one go. of course, my "go to" titles are the first ones read.

    yeah, mostly sitting on the crapper too. haha!
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