Episode 1207 Talkback:A Conversation with Dave Dwonch on Double Jumpers and Action Lab Entertainment

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In this episode we talk with the Creative Director of Action Lab Entertainment Dave Dwonch about his latest book 'Double Jumpers' and so much more. We also get a health update from Mike. (1:24:08)


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    I haven't actually listened to this episode yet, but I earned a badge just by clicking on the discussion thread? "Badges? I don't need no stinkin' badges" Heh-heh....anyway, I'll listen while I do my exercises...
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    Just finished this good episode. I'll be at Emerald so I guess I'll have the chance to visit Dave (and Pants and even Uncle Sal, I guess). I was reading through Space Time Continuum while listening and it's not really my "cup of tea" but Double Jumpers looks interesting. Sorry to hear about Mike's illness. I have a lot of diabetics in my family and so I think the reason people don't talk about it that much is that it's so prevalent AND that it affects people differently so even if you talk about it, the same symptoms and treatment might not hold true for you. I also felt that Mike was kind of venting his frustration more than anything....
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    haven't listened to this yet but I do have the first issue of double jumpers on order, interested to see what happens.
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    Already pre-ordered the book, but if I hadn't, hearing Dave describe it would inspire me to do so. Gotta love the ol' Dwonch depravity, and Bill Blankenship does outstanding work. He drew a Doctor Who piece for me a few years ago that is one of my most favorite pieces of artwork I've ever received:

    Dave did an awesome 3rd Doctor sketchcard for me, too:

    He said he was unfamiliar with both this Doctor and the show in general, and when I gave him some reference material, he said he thought Jon Pertwee looked like David Coverdale. So now I associate 3 with Whitesnake. Thanks for nothin', Dave! :))
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    Oh, and Mike, I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Diabetes runs in my family, too (well, no one *runs* in my family) - my mom has it, and my grandfather did - so I'm always worried I'll get it one day, too. But be sure to take good care of it, or Wilford Brimley will come and wreck you. He's pretty intense in those ads considering he's about 900.

    Also, thanks for all of your many recommendations for Supergirl. Finally gave it a shot and I love it... it has quickly become one of my favorite books from the new 52.
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    Just finished listening.

    Mike, I'm glad you're feeling better. I had a bad experience with needles myself, not as bad as yours. I had an incompetent nurse that poked me in the same arm about a dozen times and missed the vein each time. My left arm was looking like a used pin cushion.

    The first day DCBS had the new pre-orders I went to see what Action Lab had to offer and I saw Double Jumpers and had to order it. I didn't even have to read the solicit. It's going to be the first thing I read when that order arrives.

    No Action Lab presence at C2E2?
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    Regarding the first half of the episode - I saw the preview on Bleeding Cool. I read some of it and I have to admit, I thought it was only "OK." But I wanted to support friends of the show and Shawn was a cool guy at episode 1200, so I figured why not, it's only a couple dollars added to my order. After listening to this episode, I'm very glad I did. The part I read was the programmers in the game, but the game characters in the real world sounds like it's the funny part. Or at least, the part that's more in tune with my sensibilities. And here's hoping I get the drunken Easter Bunny sketch card variant. I'll scan it if I do lol.

    And the second part of the episode - I was one of those people that mentioned someone I know who has it (my ex-mother-in-law). The thing is she's not really non-vocal about it. She doesn't go out of her way to bring it up, but she also doesn't avoid talking about it either. Although I think one reason some people might is to avoid being held accountable. If Mike asks for payment in pie now, we all know enough to tell him no (or to just pay him with three dollars and 14 cents). If he never told anyone he has diabetes, he could get away with it (too late to take it back now, Mike). And speaking of pie, I also hear you on the "hidden sugars." At the restaurant I work at, we sell a "no sugar added" apple pie. It's listed as "no sugar added" on the dessert menu, but I get very frustrated at hearing people refer to it sometimes as "sugar-free." It's NOT sugar free because there is sugar in the apples and it is made with real apples. I'm hoping that our diabetic customers know the difference and understand that even if the server refers to it as "sugar-free" but the menu says "no sugar added" that there is sugar in it, but I also know that I've had someone send back a bacon cheeseburger because they don't eat pork, so my expectations of our clientele aren't very high.

    And Jamie - you are 100% right on it being all about wanting to change your lifestyle. A little bit about myself - for years, I've wanted to lose weight. I'd maybe eat slightly (very slightly) better or do a small amount of exercise and then wonder why nothing ever happened. And working at the place I did was not good for a diet. But not in the reasons you're thinking. Being around the food didn't make me eat more and I was constantly moving at the job. It was like working at the bank years ago made me numb to the sight of large amounts of money. In fact, I know a lot of people who eat LESS while working at a restaurant because they're sick of the food. No, it was horrible for my diet because I work at a place that is not at all known for healthy eating and much of our clientele is significantly heavier than I could ever hope to be so I look at them and think "well, at least I don't look like that guy or that guy." Then last August, I was at Six Flags' Great Adventure with some friends. I couldn't go on one rollercoaster because I couldn't fit in it properly, another one I had to sit in the fatass row and on the others I could go on, but they were tight fits. It was extremely embarrassing and that was the day something clicked. Since then, I've been drastically cutting back on the crap in my diet and drastically increasing my activity level. I've lost somewhere between 45 and 50 pounds since then depending on how friendly my scale is being on any given day. And I realized one thing - getting in shape is really not that tough. Don't misunderstand, if you want to get perfectly ripped and look like you stepped out of a Jim Lee comic, that isn't easy. But if you want to get in reasonably decent shape, it isn't that hard. It's like a green lantern ring, you only need one thing - willpower. And I didn't have it until recently (and there were other things besides the Six Flags trip, but that was the proverbial last straw). My desire for the Tastycakes was always stronger than my desire to lose weight. My desire to sit in front of my computer or TV for an hour was always stronger than my desire to exercise for an hour. Or if I did "exercise," my desire to not break too much of a sweat or get too tired was stronger than my desire to actually do exercises that would work. All the years when I said I "was trying to lose weight" was a lie. I *wanted* to lose weight. But I wanted to do it without trying. For a number of reasons (if you've ever heard of P90X, one of the reasons is that I finished that last week, but that's only one reason), I'm taking a week off and what's weird is I'm seeing how much I've changed since August. While I'm keeping my diet somewhat under control, it's nice to treat myself a little bit more than I'm used to so I guess my craving for food that's bad for me hasn't changed. But my God, I miss the working out (I still have a lot more weight to go). In fact, I have trouble getting to sleep at night because of all the stored up energy I have.

    Wait, what was my point? Oh yeah - Jamie was right. Getting information out there isn't necessarily going to change anything. I knew what I was at risk of by being overweight and it didn't really change anything. I know not fitting on a roller coaster is trivial compared to the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dying in your sleep from sleep apnea, etc, but that's the way it was (and like I said, there were other things besides the roller coasters, but I have to honestly say that the health risks didn't seem to bother me nearly as much as the other stuff). For some people (hopefully you're one of them Mike) that is enough, so it's still good to let people know the risks, but don't expect the "obesity epidemic" to go away overnight once people find out they're killing themselves.
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    Also one other thing to add - I'm onto you, Mr. Dwonch. You're just trying to get free publicity from The Million Moms, aren't you? Can we expect to see this book in Toys R Us?
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    Dave's phone voice sounds so very different than the one I'm used to from The Geek Savants.
    I love Action Lab - also was part of kickstarting Fracture (got some nice goodies) Wish them all the luck.
  • Just listened to the ep and now pre-ordered Double Jumpers. If I keep listening to this show, I'm gonna be broke in rapid time. Ah well, shit happens eh?
  • We got Uncle Sal, Cousin Buzz, and now Dave, the transexual "auntie" who is a killer at parties, cuz thats where the booze is at!

    All in fun, and I can't want to get the trade of Princeless. Action Lab is here to stay!

    The whole diabetes thing.... that is touching a raw nerve. I think I might have it. It runs in the family. Got hardly any feeling in the feets, tingling in the fingers, caffeine does a number on me. And the extra 80 pounds I am carrying at helpin' either. I am glad you got it figured it out, Mike. One can't keep ignoring all the signs. Good medical care is important and I have realized how spoiled I am cuz where I live there are world-renown specialists just minutes away. The best advice I know is keep asking questions and do NOT accept a blow off. One's patient's rights is not the doc's to ignore. Its your body, you gotta be the one to stand up and not back down. You can do it Mike. If you can give yourself one shot, you can do another. Just take it one step at a time.
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    I think I might have it. It runs in the family. Got hardly any feeling in the feets, tingling in the fingers, caffeine does a number on me. And the extra 80 pounds I am carrying at helpin' either.
    One can't keep ignoring all the signs.

  • :-w
    I know.... I know.... The hardest thing is finding time for a physical. And what it might tell me.
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    got my order in, hope i get a bunny sketch card

    good luck Mike, for some reason I have no problem with getting shots and needles in general in person, but hearing people talk about them makes me cringe to no end, i'm getting a little anxious as i right this, hope everything works out for the best for you
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    speaking of Dave Space Time Condo is back!
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    I am very excited for this comic. I love Dave's work on Space time Condo. And the premise of Double Jumpers sounds great. I am gonna either have to order this from DCBS or when I goto the coast for Easter ask teh comic shop down there to order a copy for me. But I gotta ask will there be a trade of Double Jumpers once the story is finished? If so I might just wait and get the trade.
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    I enjoyed this ep a lot, and I'm *really* looking forward to Double Jumpers!

    And, heck, now Action Lab is a twice Eisner-nominated company. How cool is THAT?

    Just glad I can brag I was part of that first Fracture Kickstarter! ;-)
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