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Announcing The Mass Comic UnBoxing

The Mass Comics UnBoxing

Here's the story:

From Fall of 2007 to early 2010 I had a job that required me to work odd hours (Between midnight to 2 pm). As a result, my comic reading took a bit of a hit. At the time I had subscriptions through Mile High Comics in Colorado and Sci-Fi Genre in North Carolina ( I also ordered comics from Discount Comic Book Service in Indiana but those comics I read more often than not).

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I have several un-opened boxes of comics from these online orders and since it's been four years; I have almost no idea what is in any of these boxes (except for three that I opened previously, that will be covered in Episode 0) That leads us to the Mass Comic UnBoxing.

So, join me on an adventure....of sorts to discover what the hell I should have been reading back then.

Episodes will be Available on YouTube under the channels Michael Carter or SleepyTime4KatProductions or you can visit the above blogger site.


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