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Top 5 Comic Podcasts



  • Fade2BlackFade2Black Posts: 1,457
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    Post deleted (sorry, double post glitch).
  • Fade2BlackFade2Black Posts: 1,457
    Like quite a few people I know, the time I devote to podcasts isn't nearly as extensive as it was twelve years ago. I should rephrase that, for truth be told, it's actually far more extensive on account I've been co-hosting a weekly podcast every week since February of 2014. What I should have specified is the time I spend LISTENING to podcasts isn't what it used to be. That said, I do listen to a few podcasts, some of which are comic-related, some of which are not. I still listen to CGS, but not as often as I'd like. I don't feel the need to rank what I listen to, for I get enjoyment from most of the content I take the time to listen to, and that enjoyment level will inevitably vary from show to show and from episode to episode.

    I will say that these days the comic book-related podcast I listen to the most is the Comic Conspiracy. It's a podcast that's hosted by the owner of my LCS and his staff, and as such it provides a slightly different perspective on the industry than most comic book podcasts out there. If that sounds intriguing, check out some of Comics Conspiracy's recent episodes such as shop owner Ryan's interview with Scott Snyder (which I'm downloading as I type this).

    or their recent Spider-Man review episode:

    That same store owner also co-hosts a weekly podcast called The Geekbox, which focuses on video gaming and pop culture. I listen that one less frequently than his comics podcast, though I suspect now that I own a computer that isn't 10 years old and can actually handle modern games, I may start being a bit more attentive to that one as well.

    As I already mentioned, I still listen to CGS on occasion, especially if a particular topic that I'm interested in is listed in the description, but the podcast hosted by the employees from my LCS has a huge advantage in that I know the hosts, hang out with their families, have attended their weddings etc... That level of camaraderie is tough to compete with, and since I don't read and collect comics on a weekly basis like I used to, listening to them helps me keep abreast of the industry as it applies locally.

    I can't in fairness furnish a top 5 comics podcast list when I only routinely listen to two podcasts I'd classify as comic podcasts. I suppose I could count my own podcast (Wanderers in the 4th Dimension Doctor Who podcast) on account one of my co-hosts also works at that aforementioned local comic shop, and occasionally talks comics in his variety segment of the show, but the focus of the show is primarily on the Doctor Who TV episodes and the Big Finish audio dramatizations. For a while, we were reviewing Doctor Who comics on a semi-weekly basis, but we've cut way back.

    So what podcasts am I listening to if I'm not listening to comic book podcasts?
    I'm listening to several podcasts that I'd classify as informative entertainment. Podcasts like 99% Invisible which covers a gamut of topics, rarely of which disappoint and The Allusionist, a podcast devoted to word etymologies and other linguistic facets. Like CGS, This American Life is one I listen to when the topic(s) in the description appeals to me. I also routinely listen to Good Job, Brain! (a trivia podcast), though right now that podcast is kind of on hiatus, so "routinely" is a bid of a misnomer, at least for the time being.
  • VertighostVertighost Posts: 335
    5. Fatman on Batman - Quality varies a lot since co-host Kevin Smith tends to gush profusely over everything, but he does occasionally provide some compelling and funny anecdotes from his decades of experience in Hollywood. The best episodes are the interviews with comic creators. Unfortunately he generally limits himself to creators associated with Bats but those are still plenty of legends and Smith offers in-depth interviews some of which run for 2 episodes.

    4. Comic Book Central - Incredibly unique podcast that specializes in interviews with actors/actresses/writers/producers connected to geek related film/tv from all eras. From Lost in Space's Bill Mumy to Superman's Ilya Salkind to Battlestar's Katee Sackhoff to Gotham's Morena Baccarin and much, much more.

    3. Ifanboy - My fave podcast to hear reviews of the most recent comics. It's also great if you want to listen to a review of a recent film or animated did release.

    2. Word Ballon Comics podcast- Anyone who enjoys listening to creators needs to listen to this. Host John Siuntres has interviewed creators from all eras and he manages to get pretty lengthy and highly informative interviews with all of them. The man does his research and always shows up prepared for some lengthy discussions about their work, past and present, creative processes and a lot more. Siuntres is the Barbara Walters of the comic book world without the silly questions about trees.

    1. CGS of course. If you don't already know my reasons, why are you here?
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